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We started our journey with the belief that great software products stem from simple yet powerful ideas that transform the day-to-day of an individual.

VerticalRent was originally debuted in May of 2011 as RentCloud Online Property Manager. In May of 2013, we re-branded our product to VerticalRent. We have evolved significantly since the early days. We started our journey with the belief that great software products stem from simple yet powerful ideas that transform the day-to-day of an individual. About 3 short years later, we have customers in all 50 states and continue growing.

What is the secret to our sauce? A few things. We don't believe in the notion of traditional. We like to push the envelope when it comes to design and delivery of software. Traditional is boring. VerticalRent is built on the cornerstone of transparency. We equip landlords, property managers, and real estate agents with a powerful toolbox of tenant screening features to find highly suitable tenants for their investment properties. Around the cornerstone, we have deployed a suite features like state-specific lease agreements, online rent collection, a financial ledger, and a vacancy advertising platform to fill vacancies fast.

Throughout 2016, you can expect to see more improvements to VerticalRent. Our advertising functionality will be enhanced significantly so you can syndicate vacancy ads across a large network of rental search engines. It doesn't stop there. Native mobile apps will be available for our landlords and tenants alike.

We are grateful for each and every customer who returns and are committed to providing excellence in everything we do to support your needs.

- Matt and Jeff, Founders of VerticalRent

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Meet the Team

Founder Matt Angerer Matt Angerer
Co-Founder, Partner, Strategist, Landlord, Motivator
CDIA FCRA Certified

Matt does a little bit of everything. A graduate of Penn State University's Smeal College of Business, Matt always aspired to create a SaaS product -- but was never really sure where to begin. Having ambitions that far outweighed his programming talents, Matt teamed up with Jeff to act on his aspirations in forming VerticalCloud (www.verticalcloud.com) -- the company behind VerticalRent and AppSingular.

Matt oversees operations, financials, and project planning. He is notorious for pinging off the wall ideas of everything to see if it sticks. He is the point man for all partnerships that make VerticalRent a reality with Experian, Jack Henry ProfitStars, Microsoft BizSpark, Innovative, and many others infrastructure partners!

In his spare time, Matt enjoys a variety of things like boating, running, and weightlifting.

Founder Jeff Pierce Jeff Pierce
Co-Founder, Partner, Technical Wizard, Father, Voice of Reason
CDIA FCRA Certified

Jeff is the guy that makes everything tick - the brains of the operation. A graduate of Capitol College (Cum Laude), he brings over 15 years of cutting-edge experience to VerticalCloud. His aptitude for design and build blend perfectly to create high quality SaaS products. Matt and Jeff teamed up to form VerticalCloud in early 2011 and haven't looked back since.

Jeff oversees technical architecture, database, and architecture planning. As a Co-Founder, Jeff leads our application development team and is responsible for ensuring the flawless delivery of VerticalRent and AppSingular.

Jeff continues to consult across a broad spectrum of clients in a variety of IT leadership roles. His love for software shines through in the crisp design of VerticalCloud products. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys playing a game of pool, hanging out with his kids, and planning his dream home.

Deb Pierce Jaime Cypher
VP Customer Operations

Jaime is our VP of Customer Operations. He joined the VerticalRent team in 2016 and is based out of our Erie, PA office. A graduate of Penn State University, Jaime brings a unique blend of business acumen, property management, and customer retention skills to the VerticalRent team.

In his role as VP of Customer Operations, Jaime is in charge of the outreach programs to existing customers of VerticalRent. With over 10,000 customers in all 50 states, VerticalRent has grown to be the industry leading rental property and tenant screening software. Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction. To that end, Jaime works closely with customers to ensure they are satisfied with the end-to-end customer experience. He serves as a liaison to our product development team and provides them with feedback from real-world interactions with our customer community.

Jaime is an Erie native, a '99 graduate of Harborcreek Highschool, and an '04 graduate of Penn State Behrend. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, hunting, and fixing up his rental properties. Jaime knows first hand how important the tenant screening process is to weed out the bad apples. He uses this experience to empathize and understand the voice of the customer.

Christina Capoche
VP Business Development, REALTOR®

Christina is our VP of Business Development and Social Media Manager. She joined the team a few years back to help with attracting property managers, landlords, and brokers to VerticalRent. Since 2011, VerticalRent has acquired nearly 15,000 customers and continues to grow rapidly.

Christina oversees sales, marketing, and social media outreach on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. She works in the real estate industry as a REALTOR® and understands the pulse of the marketplace. We leverage her insights and knowledge of the property management and real estate industry to enhance our software.

In her spare time, Christina enjoys decorating, spending time with family, and raising her son. She also enjoys running her 5-star Homeaway.com rated vacation rental property. Beyond Business Development and Social Media, Christina helps with the quality assurance and software testing aspects of VerticalRent.

Deb Pierce Deb P.
Business Development Analyst
CDIA FCRA Certified

Deb is our Business Development Analyst, leading the digital growth activities for our Northeast market region. Since 2014, Deb has assisted VerticalCloud with market identification and growth opportunities in the Northeastern United States. Having acquired nearly 2,000 of VerticalRent's end users in the New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio regions -- Deb has been instrumental in helping grow the awareness of VerticalRent and AppSingular.

She is an Erie, Pennsylvania native and works from our headquarters at 1001 State Street. Deb also works closely with our colleagues at Palace Business Centres (PBC) to handle additional administrative back office support activities required in the day-to-day operation of VerticalCloud, such as FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliance requirements at our physical office at 1001 State Street in Erie, PA. In her spare time, Deb enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying her favorite spot in Erie at Presque Isle.

Angie P.
Consumer Support Analyst
CDIA FCRA Certified

Angie is our Consumer Support Analyst. She joined our team to help oversee and execute the VerticalRent QualityCheck process, which ensures the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of all criminal and eviction records. Our QualityCheck process also ensures that consumers have the ability to dispute records on their credit report. Instead of seeing this as a negative, VerticalRent strives to ensure that the consumer report dispute process is a positive experience for our consumers.

In addition to the QualityCheck process, Angie supports our Social Media efforts to promote and attract landlords, property managers, and realtors. She administers the VerticalRent Facebook and Twitter accounts to ensure fresh content is syndicated on a daily basis about a variety of topics. Angie also copy edits the articles posted to the VerticalRent blog, where you can find actionable information to make you a better landlord.

Angie is an avid reader -- reading up to a book a week! She is also heavily involved with extracurricular activities and serves as a member of her local parent teach association (PTA). Besides reading and children, Angie loves pets and has been known for her natural ability to tame the wildest of beasts! :-)

Our Company Values

Keep IT Simple - By simple, we don't mean elementary. Simplicity in the fact that the VerticalCloud suite of SaaS products are designed with the human user experience in mind. The human experience of the end user is what drives every design decision we make for each vertical SaaS released to our customers.

Measure Twice, Cut Once - We're fanatics about software quality. Grounded in quality management principles, every piece of code is thoroughly tested before hitting the street. Our adherence to world class system development methodologies assures a quality product.

Two heads are better than one - The founders of VerticalCloud understand the power of teamwork. The old saying is that two heads are better than one. In our world, that means none of our products are designed in a vacuum. We bring the right heads to the table at each juncture of the system development life cycle.

Attitude is Everything - Charles Swindoll said it best: The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. The founders understand the power of this statement and its ability to propel an organization from good to great. We embrace positive and upbeat attitudes, while eliminating negativity. Winners have the ability to find opportunity in every situation.

The difference between good and great is that extra step - The creators of VerticalCloud are IT professionals by day, but athletes at heart. We expect the very best from ourselves and hold others that surround us to that same standard. We believe that great companies are born from people willing to take that "extra step."

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