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Request a rental credit check on any applicant. Featuring both Experian® and TransUnion® with credit check data on over 220 million individuals.

Our online tenant screening includes a comprehensive free tenant background check that scours 600 million unique criminal and eviction records from over 1,400 different government databases.

Starting with an online rental application, we make it easy for landlords to collect a rental application form electronically. Convert to a free lease agreement with 2-clicks.

Easily accept rent payments online from unlimited tenants. Charge a convenience fee for every monthly rent payment and we’ll deposit it directly into your account the next day.

VerticalRent offers free tenant screening for landlords and simple to use property management software. Founded in 2011, we have quickly grown to become the nation’s leading online tenant screening provider with thousands of happy customers in all 50 states. Check out our free resource center developed due to the variability of landlord-tenant state laws and regulations to our customers.

Need to quickly screen an applicant? Try our free rental credit check service.

  Customer Success Stories

  • Mitzi Henson, Keller Williams Realty

    "VerticalRent is user-friendly, affordable, and very reliable. Their customer service and tech help is amazing and very quick. I've been a happy customer since March 2014!"

    Mitzi Henson, Associate Broker
    Keller Williams Realty

  • Jason Waggoner, Vice President - ACUTRAQ Background Screening

    "We absolutely love the VerticalRent team. The features in the platform itself are a step above anything we've seen in the market. The team is innovative and continues to prove themselves as leading experts in the background screening industry. The experience they bring has helped us take our business model to the next level."

    Jason Waggoner, Vice President
    ACUTRAQ Background Screening

  • Tearra Colley, Property Manager

    "This helped me to not only make a better and more informed decision, but personalized my experience to make sure the real estate would be valued by the tenants I placed just as it did me. It helped me to weed out all of the undesirable, and for that I am forever grateful."

    Tearra Colley, Property Manager
    Bricentre Property Management, Canton MI

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