VerticalRent White Label Program
For Real Estate Investment Associations (REIA)

With VerticalRent White Label for REIAs, you can offer a proven turnkey rental property and tenant screening platform to your REIA members – under your brand, without the hassles of building software and adhering to stringent compliance requirements.

All you pay is a low monthly software licensing fee that you can quickly offset with the profits earned from your REIA member’s subscription fees and profits earned on reports (credit, criminal, eviction), online rent collection fees, and state-specific lease agreements.

Why Does Your REIA Need VerticalRent?

Since our launch in early 2011, VerticalRent has pioneered and trail-blazed the path for peer-to-peer tenant screening software providers. As the first partner of Experian to resell the peer-to-peer credit report in the United States, we have made it easy for over 25,000 landlords, property managers, and investors to screen a potential renter’s financial history, criminal profile, and eviction history. Our success is evident in our 1st page rankings across Google for keyword searches on tenant background screening. We’ve built longevity and trust with the market as a digital platform that landlords can confidently turn to when screening applicants.

We didn’t stop at tenant screening though – our platform includes key features to help landlords manage cash flow with rent collection, advertise vacancies, execute state-specific lease agreements, and accept maintenance requests through a tenant portal.

We are truly an end-to-end rental property management platform designed from the ground up by landlords who own investment properties. Since are launch in 2011, we have continually tweaked and improved the platform to make it better and better.

REIA Leaders like yourself can white label VerticalRent at a low monthly fee, set lucrative retail prices on reports, and keep 100% of the subscription fees that REIA members pay through your white labeled platform – netting your REIA group the much-needed passive revenue to hold future events, promote your educational cause, and help your members weed out unreliable renters.

Tenant screening white label example Tenant screening white label operations

What Are the Benefits?

  • 100% Branded to your REIA. Your colors, your fonts, your logo.
  • Leave the FCRA and PCI-DSS Compliance to Us! We handle credit report disputes, criminal report scrubbing, and everything compliance related.
  • We host the software under your domain name – built into the monthly fee.
  • We provide an out-of-the-box sales & marketing website with marketing collateral (PDF data sheets) that you can modify, customize, and distribute to your members.
  • We handle all REIA member questions, inquiries, and questions as an extension of your REIA organization brand name. We are an extension of your leadership team!
  • Earn significant revenue share as a VerticalRent white label client. We pay out via ACH direct deposit once a month for prior month earnings.
  • You can set the retail price on monthly subscriptions (Premium and Ultimate). Undercut VerticalRent if you’d like on retail price points, we don’t care. You receive 100% of the monthly subscription fees paid by your REIA members.
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How Will Our Members Benefit?

  • Your members will have access to an exclusive platform offered by your REIA to help manage their rental properties, screen applicants, and collect rent electronically.
  • You can offer your new platform as a natural value-added service to the annual benefits you already provide to your REIA members.
  • You can provide your members with steep discounts with the wholesale pricing you receive from VerticalRent. You control the retail price that your REIA members pay for credit reports, criminal reports, eviction reports, and monthly subscription fees to collect rent electronically, etc.
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How will our members benefit?

How much can I make?

Estimate your monthly earnings using our interactive calculator.

Quantity Sold
Revenue Stream Avg. Monthly Profit
Subscribers $3,000.00
Experian® Credit Reports $3,000.00
TransUnion® Credit Reports $3,000.00
Criminal Reports $3,000.00
Eviction Reports $3,000.00
Rent Payments $3,000.00
State-Specific Lease Agreements $3,000.00
Online Rent Collection Enrollments $3,000.00
Monthly Earnings: $10,000.00

Calculations are based on standard OEM rates and suggested retail prices.

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New platforms are often ready for use within 3 business days. On the fence? Just send us a note. Learn more about the VerticalRent White Label program.

Customer Testimonial

"VerticalRent's White Label platform has given me an additional way to brand my business and attract new clients. Our landlord clients love the easy to use tenant screening platform. My real estate agent colleagues are amazed at our tenant screening platform. It gives our boutique property management firm an excellent visual online presence so we can compete with the big-name franchise competitors. I also love the passive income it brings from real estate agents and non-landlord clients that use our white label platform while I'm sleeping! Thank you VerticalRent. Your white label system has helped propel my business!"

Anita Hale - White Label Customer

Anita I. Hale - The Landlord’s Broker
Anita Hale Property Toolbox - Tenant Screening Services

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