A proven turnkey online real estate business model

With VerticalRent's White Label Edition, you can start and operate a world-class rental property and tenant screening software business! Perfect for realtors, brokers, property managers, and vendors of the property management industry looking to significantly expand recurring revenue with a proven turnkey platform.
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Tenant screening white label example

Your brand, your way.

  • Use your own colors, fonts, and copy to market your brand
  • Naturally extend the capabilities of your website to customers
  • Use your own domain (e.g., https://app.<yourdomain>.com) or dream up a new brand!
  • Build a powerhouse brand that attracts landlords, realtors, and property managers
  • Leave the "IT Stuff" and FCRA to us, while you focus on building recurring revenue
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Beautiful Sales & Marketing Website

  • A slick, professional, hosted website to attract landlords and property managers!
  • Mobile and SEO optimized. Your website is ready to scale.
  • Wordpress-driven for easy access and content updates
  • Integrated blog for content marketing to enhance SERP rankings
  • Out-of-the-box content covering major features
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Beautiful Sales & Marketing Website
Configurable tenant screening white label

Highly configurable.

  • Configure content that matches your brand style and personality
  • Change up the content of the automated e-mails generated to customers
  • Set your own retail prices for all Experian, TransUnion, and criminal/eviction reports
  • Set your own monthly subscription retail price. You keep up to 100% of the subscription fees!
  • Integrate your product with Google Analytics for advanced customer insight
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Monitor. Track. Grow.

  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of daily and monthly earnings at-a-glance
  • Track after sign-up actions of all your new sign-ups
  • Monitor users and subscribers
  • Keep tabs on transactions and earnings. Get paid every month!
  • Receive ACH direct deposit of your earnings on the 7th of every month
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Tenant screening white label operations

How much can I make?

Estimate your monthly earnings using our interactive calculator.

Quantity Sold
Revenue Stream Avg. Monthly Profit
Subscribers $3,000.00
Experian® Credit Reports $3,000.00
TransUnion® Credit Reports $3,000.00
Criminal Reports $3,000.00
Eviction Reports $3,000.00
Rent Payments $3,000.00
State-Specific Lease Agreements $3,000.00
Online Rent Collection Enrollments $3,000.00
Monthly Earnings: $10,000.00

Calculations are based on standard OEM rates and suggested retail prices.

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New platforms are often ready for use within 3 business days. On the fence? Just send us a note. Learn about our Real Estate Investment Association white label program.

Customer Testimonial

"VerticalRent's White Label platform has given me an additional way to brand my business and attract new clients. Our landlord clients love the easy to use tenant screening platform. My real estate agent colleagues are amazed at our tenant screening platform. It gives our boutique property management firm an excellent visual online presence so we can compete with the big-name franchise competitors. I also love the passive income it brings from real estate agents and non-landlord clients that use our white label platform while I'm sleeping! Thank you VerticalRent. Your white label system has helped propel my business!"

Anita Hale - White Label Customer

Anita I. Hale - The Landlord’s Broker
Anita Hale Property Toolbox - Tenant Screening Services