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VerticalRent, the leader in landlord tenant screening, is the only property management software that provides online tenant screening services without a mandatory onsite inspection. VerticalRent’s background and credit check data is used by more than 10,000 landlords, brokers, and property managers across the United States. Request a rental credit check at no-cost to you.

Experian tenant credit reports    TransUnion tenant credit reports

Instantly view a TransUnion® credit report with FICO score on any applicant. Our powerful credit reporting engine gives you a choice: TransUnion® (Instant) or Experian® (Invite). You decide.

Intelligent FICO Score Coloring

At-a-glance FICO score color coding (Green, Yellow, or Red) helps you determine where an applicant’s FICO score falls as compared to the national average. The average American’s FICO score is 682. If an applicant meets or exceeds this number, we color code it as green. Yellow is shown for 550 to 681.

Full TransUnion® Credit Report With Summary

Drill-down into the specifics of each applicant’s credit report. View names, addresses, employers, installment accounts, revolving accounts, and inquiries. All of this information helps you determine an applicant’s ability to pay rent on-time every month. A rule of thumb for many property managers is income 3x the monthly rent amount.

No Monthly Minimums, No Contracts

VerticalRent provides both Experian® (invite-only) and TransUnion® (instant) full credit reports due to the wide range of customers using our platform. Individual investors typically opt for the invite method while Property Management or Brokerage Firms with large volume requirements choose Instant/TransUnion®.

Stress Free Onsite Inspection

Processing instant TransUnion® full credit reports with a FICO score does require proof of an onsite inspection. VerticalRent has teamed up with TrendSource to make this experience stress free and quick. A certified inspector will visit your physical office to perform the onsite inspection. Within days, you are pulling credit on applicants.

TransUnion Credit Report and Score
Credit Reports Powered by TransUnion
FICO Credit Scores

Paper or plastic? Your applicants can pay for their credit report and share it with you, or you can take a paper rental application from an applicant and run credit yourself. Either way, you have the financial data necessary to make a smart leasing decision.

Experian Installment Account Excerpt Tenant addresses and employers

Accept Electronic or Paper Rental Applications

Process electronic or paper rental applications and run an instant TransUnion® credit report as low as $10/report. Ultimate Edition subscribers now have the ability to purchase VerticalRent tokens and receive up to a 40% discount on criminal, eviction, or credit reports – the tenant screening industry’s lowest price!

No Applicant Involvement Required

Got paper rental applications? Have applicants without Internet access? No problem. We understand that the Experian® ‘invite model’ isn’t one size fits all. VerticalRent subscribers can simply run a credit report on any applicant without their involvement.*

*Onsite inspection required for instant TransUnion® credit reports.

At-a-Glance Financial Summary

Quickly review an applicant’s satisfactory vs. delinquent accounts, collections, financial summary of mortgage accounts, installment loans, open accounts, and revolving credit. We provide you with a full picture of an applicant’s financial viability to make an educated leasing decision!

Add Internal Notes to All Reports

You have the ability to add internal notes as you review an applicant’s credit, criminal, or eviction report. Your notes are securely threaded and time stamped to the record within VerticalRent for you to review at a later point. A complete audit trail is automatically generated on every consumer report viewed.

Tags are one of VerticalRent’s most flexible features. They allow you to give applicants additional context or to group individuals for easy viewing. Brokerage and Property Management firms with high volume requirements can easily stay organized.

Flexible Tagging of Applicants

Combined with VerticalRent’s filtering capabilities, the free-form nature of tags means that you can use them how you want. Some of our customers use tags to associate an applicant with a property (“Main St.” or “Penn Ave”). Others use them to categorize stages in the lease decision process (“Waiting on Employment Verification”). The possibilities are endless.

Quick Search Capability

Finding the perfect tenant takes time. As applications roll-in for the properties you manage, the flexible tagging capabilities of VerticalRent keep you organized. But, there is always that random call from an outstanding applicant that comes into the office. Having the ability to quickly search by first name, last name, or by e-mail address is a time saver!

Sort or Filter By

Sorting and filtering the applicant and instant checks list makes life easy for our property managers. You can quickly sort by latest activity, status, or creation date. Even more powerful is your ability to filter by the flexible tags you’ve created. Clearing filters is also a snap, so is bouncing between different views.

Universal Tokens

A VerticalRent token is a voucher that can be exchanged for credit, criminal, or eviction reports. We offer up a 40% discount ($10/report) for our Ultimate Edition subscribers. We also offer a 100% satisfaction risk-free guarantee to our Ultimate Edition subscribers.

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