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In Boston, MA, rent prices continue to climb. Zilpy reports that during the month of January 2015, rents in the Boston metro area climbed by an average of 5.18% compared to the previous month.

If you are a landlord in Boston or you are considering investing in rental property, an increase in rental prices can be good news, but it could also mean that you might have a more difficult time locating quality tenants. As an experienced landlord knows, a good tenant who pays his or her rent on time and takes care of the property is worth their weight in gold. In the past, there were few options available for tenant screening other than checking employment and past landlord references. Unfortunately, this often proved to be insufficient and landlords frequently encountered such problems as late rent or property damage because they did not have the fully story.

It can be entirely too easy for applicants to provide false information or even have a friend or a family member pose as a reference in order to cover up pertinent facts. Charging a security deposit is one solution to these types of problems, but even that may not be enough to remedy the situation or cover the damages or late rent of a less than conscientious tenant.

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