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Affordable renter’s insurance helps your tenants protect their clothes, furniture, and unexpected damages or injuries. Landlords can request renter’s insurance coverage when requesting a rental application package. Reduce your liability and ask for coverage confirmation.


For the Landlord – Why Ask Your Renters to Purchase Coverage?

Renters insurance lessens the threat of you being hauled to court for a lawsuit if damage occurs to the tenant’s property, vehicle, or physical being. Unless the damage occurs entirely because of the property owner’s actions, the tenant’s renter insurance should cover damages and loss.

Reducing Liability = Peace of Mind

Renter's insurance absolves you from financial responsibility to property damage after a fire. The tenant cannot ask you to replace their smoke or fire damaged items. They simply file a report with their insurance company.

Pets Bite, Scratch, and Damage Property

Bites, scratches, and property damage by pets can happen unexpectedly. The property owner could be held responsible if the tenant does not have liability insurance. For pet owning tenants, require a minimum of $100,000 in liability insurance specifically covering pet attacks.

Weeds Out the Bad Tenants

It requires renters to take care of the property. Knowing that any damage that occurs is the financial responsibility of the tenant and/or their insurance company helps encourage people to keep the property clean and maintained.

Renters Insurance Benefits For Landlord

For the Tenant – What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters Insurance Benefits

Your Stuff is Safe and Sound

Your belongings will be covered against theft, loss, and most forms of destruction. Even if it's in your car or with you on the go, you can make sure your things are secure. Plans are as low as $15/month. It’s a no brainer.

Covered Against Lawsuits

If you hurt someone or damage someone else's property, those expenses can add up quickly, renter's insurance has you covered. It protects you from life’s unexpected twists. For the cost of Netflix, you can buy peace-of-mind.

Covered Against Medical Costs

You can’t always control what happens inside your home. If someone is hurt at your house, renter’s insurance covers reasonable medical expenses. Based on your needs, we’ll help you select the most coverage at the best price.

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