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Find better qualified tenants with powerful digital marketing tools, a free website, and turnkey marketing services. Reach up to 120 million potential renters!


Easily Create a Listing

Easily create a vacancy listing and share it to CraigsList, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter. We’ll also send your listing to Trulia,, AppSingular, and LiveLovely too – providing you with maximum exposure.

Generate Unique QR Codes

Generate a unique QR code for every vacancy advertisement. Print it off on vacancy fliers or put it on the back of your business card for a direct link to your free vacancy website.

Trust Seal Drives Inquiries

Applicants are more cautious than ever when applying to rental vacancies. The “Trusted Landlord” from VerticalRent drives up to 20% more inquiries. Show applicants that you mean business! Learn more about the VerticalRent Trusted Landlord Seal.

VerticalRent Trusted Landlord Seal

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Turnkey Digital Marketing for Independent Landlords, Single-Family Property Managers, and Brokerage Firms Available to attract owners and applicants.

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Free Website Builder

Our high-converting mobile responsive website design is available to our Ultimate subscribers. We are building additional themes giving you options to match your brand. Stay tuned as we create a complete digital marketing solution specifically tailored to brokerage and property management companies.

SEO & Social Integration

Social media is tightly integrated with search engine optimization (SEO). To attract better qualified tenants, you must account for both in your marketing strategy. VerticalRent's website builder is automatically crawled by the major search engines and social media integration.

Content Blogging Platform

Content is king to search engine optimizing your website. Blogging is a simple and effective way to build your local property management brand. We are working on an easy and effective way for you to publish blog articles directly to your VerticalRent-powered website.

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