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Stop managing your rental income and expenses with spreadsheets and calculators. We've got you covered with an income & expense ledger designed to take the pain out of cash flow analysis. Paired up with on-demand reporting, we've covered every angle.


Add income, track expenses, and flag for follow-up

Easily track rent paid, expenses, and flag transactions for follow-up. You can keep a full record of all transactions associated with a tenant ledger. Know instantly when a tenant makes an ePayment via the Tenant Portal. Invite your Accountant or CPA to review your books. We make it easy for you to manage rental property financials in one-spot.

Manage your chart of accounts

Quickly categorize income and expenses to an account category. Even customize your own accounts, too! VerticalRent keeps close tabs on what you are paying out versus what you are receiving back from tenants. Our customizable chart of accounts and powerful dashboard reporting keep you alerted at all times.

Monitor in real-time with on-demand reporting

Concerned about the maintenance expenses on a property? Track it closely with our budgeting feature.

Track everything on-the-go

Track your expenses, receipts, and mileage using VerticalRent on any mobile device. Quickly snap shot a picture of a receipt and upload it as an expense. Keep everything neatly organized.

Mobile friendly income and expense ledger
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