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Securely manage your rental property portfolio with our property management software. Comprehensive reporting across every aspect of your investment portfolio is only the tip of the iceberg.

On-demand reporting gives you finger-tip access to your data. Also store documents, photos, and keep personal notes to review maintenance logs on each rental.

Track property amenities, LTV, appraisals, and yearly costs

Don't leave the maintenance of your rentals to chance. Track every detail and report on instantly to budget accordingly and plan for repairs. Our property management software helps you keep organized.

Upload and save unlimited before and after photos

Evidence of property condition is crucial to protecting your investment. We give you the tools to track before and after snapshots of your rental property portfolio.

Attach important documents and keep a maintenance log

Attach an unlimited number of documents to each property and keep a running log of historical notes. Never rely on a notebook again. Our mobile-friendly interface keeps you moving!

Mobile friendly property management

Manage multiple portfolios and invite colleagues with our Professional Plan. Unlimited users and portfolios, along with deep discounts on tenant screening reports.

Quickly invite colleagues

Categorize your rentals into multiple portfolios

We make it easy for you to keep things clean and separated. With our Professional Plan, you can create unlimited portfolios to keep everything neatly organized. Learn more about VerticalRent portfolios.

Invite unlimited users

Invite your accountant, invite your handy man, invite your wife to share the responsibility. We make it easy for you to share responsibility across the entire team.

Leverage our easy-to-use dashboards and auto-alerts

Measure the growth of your property portfolio with dashboards, setup text and email reminders, and plan for upcoming expenses with our Professional plan.

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