Small American Landlord

The Small Landlord's Guide to Tenant Screening was put together to help landlords across America seeking no-nonsense advice from other landlords in the industry on how to properly and legally screen applicants.

This guide is our first in the series of Small Landlord Guides that will be hitting the shelves throughout 2015 -- FREE to all Small Landlords.

Reveals techniques for:

Small American Landlord
  • Retrieving online rental apps and credit reports electronically
  • How to avoid common background check traps and get accurate results
  • The ONE key indicator of an applicant’s income vs. rent liability
  • How to confirm an applicant’s identity with a social security trace
  • How to objectively evaluate tenant screening providers
  • The truth about checking references: How to detect fake references
  • Avoid the BIG Mistake - what NOT to ask an applicant!
  • Know what to ask prior landlords, before you call
  • Verifying prior employment with LinkedIn
  • Vital ingredients to establishing common criteria for evaluation
  • Reasons why one applicant is never enough – build a hopper!
  • How to keep it business-like with every applicant (don’t text and rent!)
  • Proven and legal ways to deny applicants without them making a fuss.
  • A simple process that you can use today, tomorrow, and the day after
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