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Q: Who pays for the reports?

  Tenant Screening

You decide who pays for the credit, criminal, or eviction reports! By default, when you request a report from an applicant - they will be asked to pay for the reports. However, Landlords have the option of paying on behalf of the applicant or using VerticalRent tokens. It's easy either way!

For our Basic subscription plan (No Monthly Fee), your applicants are asked to pay:

  • $15 for a Credit Report
  • $15 for a Criminal Report
  • $15 for an Eviction Report

The total cost to fully screen an applicant on our Basic subscription plan is $45. This also includes our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) rental application technology at no additional cost that intelligently compares the applicant's self-proclaimed address history to what is available on public records. VerticalRent provides you with a discrepancy report with any differences detected.

For our Premium subscription plan - VerticalRent Landlords can 'pick & choose' the types of reports requested with a much lower fee charged to the applicant per report. CrimeWatch monitoring is also available for your tenant. For example, a Landlord may only want to obtain a criminal report on an applicant instead of a credit, criminal, and eviction report. The Premium subscription plan gives each Landlord the ability to pick & choose specific reports:

  • $12 for a Credit Report
  • $12 for a Criminal Report
  • $12 for an Eviction Report

Our Ultimate subscription plan is designed for Property Managers and Property Management companies that screen a much higher volume of applicants. The per report fee is substantially lower ($10 per report) and includes the ability to run instant credit reports on applicants. Ultimate also provides the ability to collect rental application fees and custom brand all e-mail communication with your applicants and tenants.

  • $10 for a Credit Report
  • $10 for a Criminal Report
  • $10 for an Eviction Report

VerticalRent's Modern Property Management Software also comes with a growing feature set to manage properties, collect rent online, manage your leases, track cashflow, and communicate with your tenants. Learn more about all of our features.on the Pricing Page.

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