What is the satisfaction guarantee for white label customers?

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Q: What is the satisfaction guarantee for white label customers?


Since 2011, VerticalRent® has grown into America’s industry leading rental property and tenant screening platform. We have been featured by Microsoft BizSpark, recognized by Industry Background Screening Leaders, and have acquired over 15,000 end users in all 50 States that use our platform on a day-to-day basis to manage their rentals and screen tenants. On average, another 500 landlords begin using VerticalRent each month for tenant background checks. This momentum was earned over the last 5 years and we’re giving our white label clients the same opportunity we had with this Satisfaction Guarantee.


VerticalRent was built by a team of Technology Leaders with a background in Property Management and Tenant Screening. Our team is Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) certified by the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA), our platform is PCI-DSS compliant, and our processes fully comply with both the FCRA and Experian’s stringent E13PA compliance procedures. Rooted in the spirit of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement), we believe that one should never be satisfied with the status-quo. For that reason, we are continuously surveying our existing customers while closely analyzing our competition to stay ahead of the curve in both user experience and product offerings. VerticalRent will continually improve as feedback is received from our growing community of landlords, brokers, realtors, property managers, and renters. We hear their voices and collect feedback through an in-app rating and feedback system. Their feedback helps prioritize and drive our development efforts.

Our Guarantee

As a potential white label client of VerticalRent, you have an important decision on your hands as you consider whether it makes business sense to move ahead. You may have found out about the program through a Google search, or perhaps you’re an existing customer of VerticalRent and would like to create your own thriving digital enterprise with high passive earning potential. Or you might be a Property Manager or Broker interested in our closed platform white label option to standardize your internal procedures. Either way, you’re at a decision point – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, what are we offering to you?

We don’t ask you to sign a contract or commit to a lengthy agreement. In fact, we even waive the setup fee to get you started quickly without any money out-of-pocket. Without a contract or agreement, we ask that you stick with the program for 12 months and steadily market your product, improve your SEO, and create a digital apparatus around your new brand through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. My team will provide you with a monthly newsletter of the steps you need to take as a white label client to be successful. This newsletter is designed to motivate and inspire you to take the necessary steps to create your own thriving software-as-a-service platform without the compliance and technology headaches. We handle that for you, including payment processing!

After 12 months, if your overall earnings do not exceed the annual licensing fee – we will provide you with another 12 months of hosting absolutely free-of-charge. This is how confident we are that you’ll succeed as a white label client. Now, keep in mind – nothing worthwhile is going to happen overnight without a focused effort on your end. To quality for this Satisfaction Guarantee, we provide you with a set of monthly actions items to take in improving your organic strength on Google, promoting your product socially (via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and producing high-quality original blog content on a weekly basis. In our white label client portal, you can track your progress over the 1st year as a client of ours. We will provide you with tips & tricks that we’ve learned over the last 15 years when it comes to inbound marketing – which will be the key measure of your success. We will also offer you discounted services on SEO, blog content writing, and social media marketing – helping you to accelerate the growth of your turnkey platform. At VerticalRent, we truly believe in our product and the benefit that it’s providing to thousands of landlords across America in protecting their hard-earned rental property investment. We provide the easy-to-use software and reporting necessary for landlords to make smart leasing decisions and manage their rentals.

Matt Angerer
Co-Founder, VerticalCloud

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