What is the All Clear Badge?

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Q: What is the All Clear Badge?


Deciding on who you share living quarters is a major life decision! VerticalRent leverages its proprietary applicant screening technology to allow renters to obtain the 'All Clear' Badge. This badge certifies that our background search did not reveal felonies, assaults, stalking, or similar convictions on a renter.

Renters decide whether to run this check on themselves and decide if they want to display their 'All Clear' badge on their renter profile. You can filter your roommate search by renters who have cleared our extensive background check, or you can request that a renter undergo this check yourself.

Disclaimer: The All Clear Badge is not an FCRA-approved criminal report. The badge is granted to renters who opt-in to running a personal background check on themselves. Deciding to sublet and/or share living quarters with another renter is your responsibility. VerticalRent does not share this risk.

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