What is Invite Tenant Screening?

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Q: What is Invite Tenant Screening?

  Tenant Screening

Direct-to-consumer or "Invite" screening is a model available to VerticalRent Basic, Premium, and Ultimate Edition subscribers. You invite an applicant via email or text message. The applicant accepts or denies your invite request to share a rental app, credit, criminal, and eviction report. You have the option of asking the applicant to burden the costs of the reports, or you can pay on behalf of the applicant.

The benefit of direct-to-consumer for landlords and real estate agents is that an onsite inspection is not required. You can begin screening applicants immediately with our simple workflow:

Direct to consumer tenant screening

Note: We also offer real estate professionals with "Instant" tenant screening. An onsite inspection is required to run instant credit reports on applicants. Check out our pricing page for more information.

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