What is a VerticalRent property?

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Q: What is a VerticalRent property?

  Property Management

A property in VerticalRent is your building, residential house, apartment building, or any dwelling that you want to rent like a garage, shed, or boat slip. Our customers have used VerticalRent to manage a variety of rentals - the possibilities are endless. Adding a property to VerticalRent is quick and easy. From the Home area, you can select 'Add Property', or you can drill into 'Rentals' and click 'Add Property' under the Actions bar on the right-hand side. We collect basic information about your property upfront like the Property Title, Type (e.g., Residential - Single Family, Residential - Condo, Residential - Townhouse, and Residential - Multi-Family), Address, City, State, and Zip Code.

If you select any 'Type' other than 'Residential - Single Family', you have the option of identifying the '# of Units' upfront. VerticalRent will automatically create the 'shells' for these units, where you can later add detailed information about each unit (see 'What is a VerticalRent Unit'). The general section of a VerticalRent Property is sectionalized 7 key areas: Property Information, Amenities, LTV (Loan to Value), Mortgage Payment, Last Appraisal, Yearly Costs, and Mortgage. The information you specify about each property is used to create our beautiful vacancy advertisements.

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