What is a VerticalRent portfolio?

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Q: What is a VerticalRent portfolio?

  Property Management

Portfolios allow VerticalRent Landlords or Property Managers to manage subsets of properties. Say for example you own a few properties in Miami, FL under one LLC and another set of properties up north in Pennsylvania under another LLC and want to separate the books and management of those properties. Creating another portfolio is the perfect solution to categorizing and managing these assets.

If you are using VerticalRent to manage properties for others, our Ultimate subscription plan is all that you need to manage on behalf of your investors and owners. As a property manager, you can easily segregate the financials for each property owners, while also handling all of their tenant screening needs at a 40% discount with the Professional subscription plan.

Our Ultimate subscribers are able to invite unlimited users and create unlimited portfolios. Creating an additional portfolio in VerticalRent is easy to do. From the default area across the top, you will select 'Portfolio Information'. As a Professional subscriber, you can click on 'Add Portfolio' to quickly enter the Portfolio Title, Address, Phone Number, and Owner name.

VerticalRent portfolios

Once the additional portfolio is added to VerticalRent, you will notice that key areas of the application have been wiped clean for you to separately manage information about properties, units, user logins, rent collection, and even deposit accounts. The 'Screening' area of VerticalRent remains consistent across the portfolios you add to VerticalRent. Many of our customers screen applicants for all of their portfolio owners and have asked for this function to remain centralized across portfolios.

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