What is a Rental History Report?

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Q: What is a Rental History Report?

  Tenant Screening

We offer a free rental history report to every new landlord, property manager, or renter of VerticalRent. After a landlord uses their complimentary rental history report after sign-up, additional reports can be purchased at a low price. Our algorithms leverage historical address tracing technology to examine billions of current and past names, addresses, and dates to build a complete rental history report of an applicant's residential leasing timeline.

The Rental History Report provides Landlords and Property Managers with a superior investigative starting point to develop a more complete background check on an applicant. Although a credit and eviction reports provide an abbreviated address history of an applicant, our Rental History Report extends far beyond to examine tens of billions of additional landlord-tenant records. We compile an applicant's leasing behavior into a chronological timeline report.

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) Boost, VerticalRent automatically compares the applicant's self-proclaimed address history with data derived from the rental history report. Any discrepancies are highlighted for the Landlord to investigate further. Enabling AI Boost is no additional cost if paired with a credit, criminal, or eviction report. VerticalRent's proprietary AI Boost technology arms Landlords and Property Managers with advanced cross-checking technology to uncover applicant errors and omissions.

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