What features are available in the tenant portal?

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Q: What features are available in the tenant portal?

  Tenant Portal

A number of additional features are included within the Tenant Portal, such as:

Online Payments
After inviting a tenant to the Tenant Portal, they will see an option to "Make a Payment". If you have activated online rent collection, you have the ability to collect rent electronically from your tenants. For more information about online payments, please refer to our FAQ section about Online Rent Collection. You must also activate Online Rent Collection before a tenant is able to make E-Payments. Online Rent Collection is only available to Premium and Ultimate subscribers of VerticalRent.

Statements are a powerful way to project a professional image as a small landlord. With the Tenant Portal, an electronic statement outlining the lease terms, payment terms, and other relevant information are available to the tenant each month. New charges are added to the electronic Statement monthly for Rent Due and Outstanding Balances. Your tenants are automatically kept informed of what they owe.

Payments Accounts
After you enable Online Rent Collection, your tenant has the ability to setup individual payment accounts for making the monthly rent.

Maintenance Requests
Our mobile-friendly platform gives you the freedom to accept maintenance requests on your Smart Phone. Every landlord is on-the-go and it is sometimes easier to categorize maintenance requests and keep a running log by receiving them electronically. We make it easy for you to do so. Your tenants can submit maintenance requests directly from the Tenant Portal.

Secure Messaging
Communicating with your tenants is more important than ever in the highly litigious business of being a landlord. E-mail is insecure and can be misinterpreted. To protect yourself legally while projecting a professional image, we offer a fully secure messaging system. You can communicate important information to your tenant through our system while resting assured that your communication is saved forever in our highly secure databases. If you ever find yourself in court about a tenant dispute, you can easily pull all communication from the messaging system.

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