How do I post my Vacancy Ad to CraigsList?

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Q: How do I post my Vacancy Ad to CraigsList?


Posting free rental Vacancy Ads to CraigsList has evolved over time. The beautiful Vacancy Ad available on your Mini-Site is not accepted to CraigsList new text-based format. This underscores the importance of writing a compelling title and description for your Vacancy Ad.

To post your Vacancy Ad to CraigsList, you can snag the code that makes up the basic content of your ad. Once you grab the code, it's a 4-step process:

  • Selection a Location and then click Continue
  • Select a Posting Type - Choose "Housing Offered", then click "Continue"
  • Select a Category - Choose "Apts/Housing for Rent", then click "Continue"
  • Copy your Vacancy Ad listing code to your clipboard using the "Get Code" button, then paste it into CraigsList's Posting Description field.

Your free rental ad on CraigsList will display all the pertinent information (without the fancy graphics of the mini-Website) of your Vacancy Ad. Towards the bottom of the ad, your applicants will see a link that leads directly to your Mini-Website where they can apply directly.

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