How do I invite an applicant to VerticalRent?

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Q: How do I invite an applicant to VerticalRent?

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To invite an applicant from the Getting Started section of VerticalRent, simply click on Invite Applicant.

Once you click on Invite Applicant, you are taken directly into our Applicant sub-menu of the Screening Module. Here is where you can specify the applicant's first name, last name, e-mail address, and select the Invite By method. Upon inviting an applicant, we create a unique link for the applicant to use. The preferred method is by e-mail or text message assuming you have an applicant's e-mail address or mobile number. Otherwise, choose 'Other' and we'll give you the link to provide to your applicant.

Learn more about the invite process, or watch our quick video.

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