How do I add Income to the ledger?

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Q: How do I add Income to the ledger?


Adding income to the ledger is easy. At the home screen in VerticalRent, you will click on Financials. Once you are in the Financials area, the default sub-tab will be the "Income & Expense Ledger". On the right-hand pane, you will see a number of different actions. The first action in the list is "Add Income". Click on the "Add Income" action. You can either use the "Add Income" action or the "Rent Received" action to manually log the collection of rent received to your income & expense ledger. The only difference between the two actions is that the "Rent Received" action auto-categorizes the income as rent within your ledger. Whereas the "Add Income" action allows you to pick & choose what type of income (category).

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