How do I add a Budget?

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Q: How do I add a Budget?


Adding a budget to track against your Income & Expense Ledger is very easy to do. Within the Financials area, you will click on the Budgets sub-menu. On the right-hand side, you will notice an "Actions" menu with an "Add Budget" link. Click on the "Add Budget" link. You can create budgets against specific categories with pre-defined frequencies. For example, if you want to closely monitor and budget the amount of money you spend monthly on "Cleaning & Maintenance", you would select this as your category. For the Frequency item, you will select "Every Month", "Every so Often", or "Once". Then you will select the start date of your budget, along with the specific amount you want to budget "Each Month" or "Every so Often". Lastly, your can have this budget persist every month by allowing it to rollover each month.

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