Where Should I Live in Miami?

At VerticalRent, we often get this question: “Where Should I Live in Miami?” You know you want to live in Miami, but where? That is the ultimate question. You have so many options that it can be difficult to narrow it down. It’s important to look at what the top neighborhoods have to offer and then make your selection.

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At VerticalRent, we often get this question: “Where Should I Live in Miami?” You know you want to live in Miami, but where? That is the ultimate question. You have so many options that it can be difficult to narrow it down. It’s important to look at what the top neighborhoods have to offer and then make your selection.

That way, you are sure to find a place you will love. If you’re not a Miami-native, analyzing and deciding a neighborhood can become very overwhelming with so many options. Even if you are from the Miami-Dade area, things are changing so rapidly that an area you once knew like the back of your hand has new restaurants, new schools, and new road. We recognize the underlying anxiety that comes with finding a new home in a new City. To help ease the transition, we asked our agents to compile a list of places to live in Miami with additional information about restaurants, nightlife, schools, and more. Let’s start at the very top with Brickell.


Brickell is one of Miami’s best-kept secrets. The neighborhood is full of bars, coffee shops, parks, and restaurants, giving it an urban feel that many city dwellers love.

Luxury is also on display in Brickell. The towering financial centers will make you feel like you’re in Manhattan instead of Miami, and the luxury condos draw in young professionals. Those professionals love hopping on an elevated monorail to navigate from one of the neighborhood’s hotspots to the next.

Even though Brickell is luxurious and professional, it still has the laidback attitude that Miami residents love.

Who Lives in Brickell?

Brickell is turning into a millennial playground. While the neighborhood tends to lean liberal and is full of young professionals, it is also known for its diversity. Many have bachelor’s degrees, but you will find residents with master’s degrees or even GEDs. This makes it easy for everyone to fit in when they live in Brickell. According to niche.com, the median household income of Brickell residents is $75,212 with more than 35% holding a masters degree.

Source: niche.com

Renting vs. Owning

Brickell might be an up-and-coming financial mecca, but residents tend to prefer renting over owning. With a median home value of $426,864 and a median rent of $1,909, many aren’t ready to take the plunge and buy a home. Also, rent prices have remained stable for the last couple of years, giving young professionals time to consider what type of investment they want to make before purchasing a home.

Also, it’s worth noting that renting tends to be popular in urban areas, while those who want to buy often move to the suburbs.

Source: Niche.com

Crime in Brickell

Miami has a reputation for crime, but it’s actually been turning it around in recent years. While the downtown area still experiences its fair share of crime, Brickell is its own safe haven. Crimes do occur, but the neighborhood manages to stay below the national average in a variety of categories, including robberies.

source: trulia.com

Schools in Brickell

Right now, most of the people who live in Brickell are childless, but that could change, thanks to the great schools in this neighborhood. With the School for Advanced Studies – South, School for Advanced Studies – Wolfson, Mast Academy, and Archimedean Upper Conservatory, don’t be surprised if some well-heeled parents move into the neighborhood to ensure their kids get the best education possible.

Restaurants in Brickell

Brickell is like its own little community. In fact, when you live here, you don’t have to go downtown, even if you need a bite to eat. The neighborhood has everything from Japanese barbecue to Italian food, as well as its fair share of cocktail bars.

Crazy About You is one of the top restaurants in Brickell. While tourists are known to hit it up, it’s extremely popular with the locals, as well. The parking is a bit limited here, but it has a valet, so consider paying extra to grab a space quickly.

source: Yelp.com

You’ll also find people hanging out at Batch Gastropub. It’s the place to go for some home-cooked chicken and waffles or some divine mac and cheese. It has a nice assortment of drinks, as well, and it’s normal to see people hanging out in their work attire, grabbing a meal and a drink before calling it a day.

Source: Yelp.com

Nightlife in Brickell

While you can grab a drink at one of the restaurants in Brickell, you might want something a little extra. Fortunately, the neighborhood also has a vibrant nightlife, so you can go out and have a good time without traveling far from your condo.

Blackbird Ordinary is the hottest nightspot in Brickell. It has lots of cocktail options and a dance floor. It really draws in the crowds on the weekends, too, so if you’re new to the neighborhood, you can stop by and make some new friends.

Source: yelp.com

You can also hit up Blume, Balans Restaurant and Bar, or one of the many other options. From low-key to wild, you are sure to find something that fits your tastes.

Shopping in Brickell

Shopping is quickly becoming a popular pastime in Brickell. People flood the neighborhood from all over to shop at the Brickell City Centre, but it’s also a hit with the locals. The open-concept mall has tasty food and high-end shops, and the architecture is really neat.

Brickell is also home to countless local shops, including Honey and Coco’s Boutique. This boutique has lots of designer clothing options, ensuring you stay on trend while living in Brickell.

Overall Rating

It’s easy to see why Brickell is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Miami. From the public schools to the commuting opportunities, it knocks it out of the park.

While young professionals might feel the most at home in Brickell, anyone would be happy to call this neighborhood home. It’s a fun place to live, and since it’s also safe, you can relax and have a good time. Enjoy the laidback Miami feel without the crime in Brickell.

Source: niche.com

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is the oldest neighborhood in Miami and one of its most charming. The neighborhood has a suburban feel that is perfect for families, and with all the shops, boutiques, and cafes, you don’t have to leave the neighborhood once inside. Coconut Grove has a close-knit feel, and you’ll fit right in if you take part in the monthly historic bike tours and free yoga classes.

Both families and professionals call Coconut Grove home, and once people move in, they are reluctant to leave. Just over 20,000 people live here, and the community is like a family.

Who Lives in Coconut Grove?

Coconut Grove is both ethnically and economically diverse, and since there is a mixture of families and singles, you can arrange playdates or find pals to go out for a drink. It’s easy to fit right in when you live here.

Source: niche.com

Renting vs. Owning

Due to its suburban nature, home ownership is more common than renting in Coconut Grove. In fact, 56 percent of the residents own their own home. With a median home value of $564,397, these homes are excellent investments.

The median rental price is $1,301 in Coconut Grove, and while that might be higher than the national average, it’s still a fair price for Miami.

Crime in Coconut Grove

Residents of Coconut Grove don’t have to worry much about crime. While theft does occur from time to time, violent crimes are extremely rare. Your chances of getting robbed or assaulted are quite low in Coconut Grove, making it appealing to people who are raising families.

In fact, this is one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami. It has a 24/7 police presence, and it is also full of gated communities that offer extra protection. Because it is so safe, people consider this is a highly walkable neighborhood. It’s normal to see singles, couples, and families walking down the lush streets for a little window shopping or to grab a bite to eat.

Source: trulia.com

Schools in Coconut Grove

Families are happy to learn that Coconut Grove has an assortment of top-notch public and private schools available. The School for Advanced Studies – South, Mast Academy, Coral Reef Senior High School, and others serve this community. As these are some of the best-rated schools in the Miami-Dade area, families that are concerned about obtaining a quality education for their children often turn to the safe streets of Coconut Grove.

Restaurants in Coconut Grove

During its early years, Coconut Grove housed immigrants from the Bahamas, the Northeast, and Britain, and the diversity of its past has created a rich culinary scene. While it has modern eateries, its immigrant roots are still on display. That means you can find just about anything to eat when you live here.

The Green Street Café has long been one of the staples of Coconut Grove. Locals sit outside under the umbrella while munching on oysters, shrimp scampi, and other popular dishes. This restaurant also has one of the top brunches in the city.

source: Yelp.com

Strada in the Grove is also a popular option. It offers traditional Italian food, and with more than 100 wine options, you will find the perfect pairing. Plus, the prices are reasonable enough to bring the entire family.

This is just two of the countless restaurant options available in Coconut Grove. The neighborhood is known for having some of the best food in the city, so you can leave the kitchen appliances at home if you move here. You will love eating out.

Nightlife in Coconut Grove

You can go out for a relaxed drink when you live in Coconut Grove. While many people choose to enjoy an adult beverage at a local restaurant, others prefer one of the bars.

The Barracuda Taphouse and Grill is a legendary establishment. It’s popular with college students, but others will come in and catch a game, as well. With more than 50 rotating taps and weekly events, this an excellent spot to hang out with the community.

source: Yelp.com

Shopping in Coconut Grove

When it comes to shopping in Coconut Grove, you can’t beat CocoWalk. This has long been a staple of the Miami shopping scene, and it’s currently undergoing a major redevelopment. Expect more stores and restaurants when the developers finish in 2019.

Overall Rating

Coconut Grove is one of the best places to live in Miami. It seems to have something for everyone and is perfect for people who want to have a suburban feel while still having access to the big city.

Source: niche.com


The Omni neighborhood has seen quite a transformation in recent years. Once a sleepy little neighborhood, it’s turned into the city’s most vibrant arts and entertainment district. It hosts craft fairs, group yoga, live art, and film nights, and artists are known to hang out and discuss their work. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy hanging out in this neighborhood, though. If you have an appreciation for the arts or enjoy group activities, you will love calling the Omni neighborhood home.

This neighborhood is pedestrian-friendly and provides easy access to public transportation, so a vehicle is not necessary. You can live, work, eat, and play here, and you can leave the vehicle at home.

Who Lives in the Omni Neighborhood?

The Omni neighborhood has an urban feel and tends to bring in lots of young people. The median household income is $85,478, which is well over the national average, but it still enjoys a great deal of economic diversity. There is also a lot of diversity when it comes to ethnicity and education, so everyone fits in here.

Renting vs. Owning in the Omni Neighborhood

As with many urban areas, renting is much more popular in the Omni neighborhood. Close to 70 percent to the residents rent property here, and the demand has caused the prices to go up. The national average is $949, but the median rent in Omni is $1,983. While rents are high, the price of home ownership is lower here than it is in other parts of Miami. The median home values are $376,455 in the Omni neighborhood, so those who want to own a piece of Miami real estate might want to start here. Those values could go up a great deal as this arts and entertainment district continues to grow. Developers are contemplating adding more properties, and if they do, expect people to flock to this community.

Source: niche.com

Crime in the Omni Neighborhood

In the past, crime was an issue in the Omni neighborhood, but after revamping the area, crime has settled down, making it a much safer place to live. The neighborhood is located between Edgewater and Overtown, and it is clear to see that it’s easy to find a safe spot in the neighborhood. Some areas do have more crime than others, though, so have your real estate agent direct you to the safest area.

source: Trulia.com

Schools in the Omni Neighborhood

It’s much more common to see artists than children wandering the streets, but if you do want to move with kids, you will have access to some fine schools in the Omni neighborhood. Mast Academy, Archimedean Upper Conservatory, Coral Reef Senior High School, and others serve the community, but the school your child gets into will depend on the part of the neighborhood you live in. Niche.com gives the neighborhood a C+ rating regarding the schools, so if you want to send your child to a great school, it’s important to live in the correct part of the neighborhood.

Restaurants in the Omni Neighborhood

The developers have done an excellent job of creating a city within a city with the Omni neighborhood, and that means residents have access to some delicious restaurants. The restaurants really fit into the artsy scene of the neighborhood. Think lots of raw and natural food options.

Take Mignonette, for instance. This American/seafood restaurant offers an assortment of options, including raw food. You’ll find the freshest raw oysters in Miami here and a flavorful smoked fish dip that you’re sure to love. If you want to get the best of everything, go with the Miami Spice. It has lots of tasty options that will keep you coming back over and over again.

Source: Yelp.com

You can also dine at Natural Chicken Grill and other great restaurants. You won’t have to worry about going hungry when you live here.

Nightlife in the Omni Neighborhood

The Omni neighborhood used to be a relatively sleepy area, but it’s really hit its stride recently. That includes the nightlife. Now, it has one of the hottest nightlife scenes in Miami.

1306 Miami is the most popular nightlife spot in the neighborhood. People put on their best clothes and dance the night away here. The club brings in DJs from all over to spin tunes, and it also hosts live bands from time to time.

Source: yelp.com

You can also dance at SQL Miami, but make sure you dress accordingly. The bouncers have no problem turning people away if they don’t look the part when they enter.

These are just a couple of options. It’s easy to spend the night out on the town when you live in the Omni neighborhood.

Shopping in the Omni Neighborhood

Miami is known for its shopping, and it won’t be long before the Omni neighborhood becomes the go-to place to shop until you drop. The Melo Group has proposed building the Miami Plaza and Art Plaza. This will include apartments and more than 5,000 square feet of retail space. It will also have ample parking, making it easy to buy as much as you want without having to carry all those items home. Once developed, you can expect this to become a prime shopping destination.

Overall Rating

The Omni neighborhood is quickly becoming one of the most exciting places to live in Miami. Years ago, it was practically forgotten, but now, it’s hit a resurgence, and it’s more popular than ever. If you like community events, a hopping nightlife, and great food, consider living in this up-and-coming neighborhood.

Source: niche.com


Urban, walkable, and full of fun, Edgewater has emerged as one of the top neighborhoods in Miami. The neighborhood is home to renovated loft spaces, luxury skyscrapers, and local shops, and the views of the water are absolutely gorgeous. Also, because Edgewater rubs elbows with the Design District and Wynwood, it has an artsy, eclectic feel. This is a haven for young professionals, but expect even more people to call this neighborhood home in the coming years.

Who Lives in Edgewater?

The Edgewater neighborhood is home to more than 11,000 people, many of whom are young professionals. It is ethnically and economically diverse, and children make up 9 percent of the population. The median household income sits at $66,171, which is above the national average.

Renting vs. Owning in Edgewater

Renting is much more popular than owning in Edgewood. Close to three-fourths of residents rent their homes, even though the median home value is just $259,760. Of course, that is still well above the national average of $184,700, but it’s affordable by Miami standards.

The median rent is $1,556, which also isn’t bad for Miami. Many residents like the flexibility that renting provides.

Source: niche.com

Crime in Edgewater

The crime risk varies greatly depending on where you live in Edgewater. The centermost part of the neighborhood has the highest crime rate, and it drops dramatically as you move farther out. Theft is the biggest problem here, and violent crime is not a serious issue. Your real estate agent can help you find a spot with the lowest crime rate.

Soure: trulia.com

Schools in Edgewater

More than 170 public schools serve the residents of Edgewater. Some of these schools are among the best in Florida, such as the School for Advanced Studies – Homestead and the iPrep Academy. It’s important that parents choose the proper location in Edgewater, so they can provide a first-class education for their children.

Restaurants in Edgewater

Edgewater is diverse in its culinary offerings. Rincon Escondido Tapas is among the best of its restaurants. This restaurant is tucked away, so if you don’t live in Edgewood, you might not even know it exists. It’s far from a well-kept secret, though, because it is always packed, so call ahead for reservations. Then, get ready to dive into some of the best tapas you’ve ever eaten.

Source: Yelp.com

You can also find French, Peruvian, American, and other types of cuisine here. Just walk around the streets, and you will see something that makes your mouth water. That’s when it will be time to walk inside and try out your new favorite restaurant.

Nightlife in Edgewater

Edgewater might not have as many bars and nightclubs as other neighborhoods, but it is just a short walk or bike ride away from the bars and clubs in Wynwood, Midtown, and the Design District. Many residents think this offers them the best of both worlds. They can easily go out for the evening, but when they return home, they don’t have to worry about the pounding music making its way into their homes.

Shopping in Edgewater

You will easily get your fill of shopping when you live in Edgewater. Not only can you walk or bike to nearby neighborhoods, but Edgewater offers an array of shopping opportunities, as well. You will find your standard boutiques, along with other cool shops, such as the Just for Me Kids Boutique.

Source: Yelp.com

Because Edgewater is so close to other neighborhoods with lots of shops, it’s easy to walk right out your front door and spend the entire day shopping when you live here.

Overall Rating

Edgewater is walkable, has great food, and offers lots of shopping opportunities. The neighborhood seems to get more popular by the day, and it’s easy to see why. It offers so many opportunities that you cannot go wrong when you live here.

Source: Niche.com

Where Do You Want to Live?

There are so many great neighborhoods, so you just need to decide which one is right for you. Check them out in person and make your decision. Or, don’t hesitate to give RisenLife a call and one of our real estate agents can help show you around the different neighborhoods.

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