Trust but Verify: How Everyone Should Find a Roommate

VerticalRent Community, formerly codenamed Roommate Finder, was launched today, February 1st, 2020 for renters in the State of Florida. This revolutionary new approach to finding a roommate is designed to take the stress out of identifying a high-quality roommate. Let us explain.

  • Saturday, February 1, 2020

  Matt Angerer

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VerticalRent Community, formerly codenamed Roommate Finder, was launched today, February 1st, 2020 for renters in the State of Florida. This revolutionary new approach to finding a roommate is designed to take the stress out of identifying a high-quality roommate. Let us explain. 


Different than CraigsList, AirBNB, or HomeAway -- VerticalRent Community was designed from the ground-up to help cut through the fluff in finding a top-notch roommate to share digs. For over 8 years, VerticalRent has served nearly 100k landlords and renters across America with credit, criminal, and eviction reports. We also process millions of rent payments every single month. Drawing on this intimate knowledge of what renter’s desire, we designed Community from the ground-up to put renters back in the driver’s seat. Imagine finding background checked, income checked, and personality checked roommates? Not so easy with some of the other services available online today, right? Our Community does just that, plus much more. 


Let’s talk about how Community will help you. Finding a new roommate can be nerve wracking, especially when you relocate to a new city like Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, or Tampa. Did you know Florida is the fastest growing state in America? Chances are that you, or a friend is likely thinking about moving to Florida, or probably in the process of packing their U-Haul truck today. It’s not just snowbirds that are retiring to Florida either. Millennials, to young families, to empty nesters are finding the appeal of renting in the Sunshine State. The demographic of people, just like you, is as varied as the 57 varieties of Heinz ketchup introduced over the years. Regardless of what age group you fall into, what sort of job you have, or where your ancestors stem from, we tend to all share a common set of ‘desires’ in a future roommate. These desires are tied to like-for-like characteristics that primarily center upon the ability to pay a fair share of the rent every month, quiet time, and cleanliness. Add in a few pinches of personality and you have a cool roommate. Easier said than done, right? 


Boiled down to the basics, you and every other renter across America looking for a roommate has likely asked themselves these questions:


  1. How do I know this person doesn’t have a criminal or violent history?
  2. Will this new roommate pay their fair share of the rent on-time every month?
  3. Are they financially stable, or do they have co-signers who are? 
  4. Are they clean?
  5. Do they like to party? 
  6. What are their working habits? 
  7. Are they early birds or night owls? 
  8. Do they like to host parties every weekend? 
  9. Are they carrying renter’s insurance?
  10. Have they ever filed for bankruptcy?


But do you ever really get a straight answer from a stranger? People tend to say what you want to hear in the moment. Typically, someone’s personality shines through over the course of time. Ask anyone who is dating. They will typically tell you that you don’t see a person’s true colors until you’ve known them for at least 6 months. Somewhere along the line, a situation will spark their true colors. Whether that is a compassionate soul that you’ve always dreamed of spending your life with, or a raging lunatic who screams at the top of their lungs and chases you around the house with a cast iron skillet. Similarly, a crazy roommate might seem like the perfect match when you meet face-to-face, but have you vetted their background like you should? Granted, you can’t uncover everything -- but don’t leave fate to chance by choosing a roommate you find sitting on the curb outside your new apartment complex. 


Ronald Reagan said it best: “Trust, but verify.” I can’t think of a truer statement in the history of mankind than what Ronald Reagan made famous. Perhaps I read one too many mystery novels as a youngster that led me to this ultimate conclusion with people. 



With life-altering decisions like choosing a roommate, you absolutely need to ‘Trust, but verify.’ This might mean that you’ll need to make snap judgements on a person’s worldview and personality, but it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice when it comes to verifying their income, criminal background, or rental living history. With VerticalRent Community, each renter is asked to ‘badge up’ with an ‘All Clear’ signifying their law abiding behavior, or pull a credit report on themselves to showcase their score through a proprietary badging system we created. What’s more is that you’ll be able to review their living history. Did they move every 3 months? If so, that is definitely a red flag that the person is either mentally unstable or possibly doesn’t pay their fair share of the rent. 


In this world, we must be our own best detective. Nobody is going to look after you better than yourself. Therefore, we encourage all renters -- young, middle aged, and elderly -- to adopt the Reagan mindset of ‘Trust, but Verify.’ With VerticalRent Community, these are built-in features available to you immediately. 


Start your roommate search today in Florida here:

PS, don’t worry, we’ll be rolling out VerticalRent Community state-by-state in 2020 as we build traction in the Sunshine State. If you're not in Florida, send us a note at and we'll let you know when Community will be available in your State.

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Matt Angerer is the Founder and President of VerticalRent. He enjoys writing on a variety of topics that help Landlords, Property Managers, and Renters across America. He is particularly interested in helping renters understand their local marketplace, pick the best places to live, and find an awesome roommate. Since 2011, VerticalRent has grown to service over 100,000 landlords and renters across America. 

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