Make Your Rental Feel Like Home with 6 Easy Curb Appeal Ideas

When a prospective tenant approaches a home, they are looking for more than just information. They are looking for a feeling. A home is a place to feel safe, cozy, and away from it all.

  • Thursday, May 4, 2017

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When a prospective tenant approaches a home, they are looking for more than just information. They are looking for a feeling. A home is a place to feel safe, cozy, and away from it all. And that is exactly why the first impression upon walking up to a house is so very important.

1. Address the Address

A new home comes with a new address; it's the identity (the name per say) of the house. If the address lettering on the house is outdated or even missing, the tenant will not feel a genuine sense of place. The great news is: updating address lettering is simply and easy! Many home improvement stores sell various fonts and colors of lettering and it is also easy to make your own! Simply visit a craft store and you'll find all sizes of wood letters. Pick up a can of outdoor spray paint while you're there and you'll have all you need to create an eye-catching address.

2. Front Door Dressings

The front door is the one of the first details a prospective tenant notices. Doors that have wear and tear or are dirty are a quick turn off. But doors that have an interesting and inviting color can spark a desire to enter the home and see what's inside. Colors such as red, blue, and yellow are definitely in style currently. Dress up your door even more with a decorative wreath, homemade sign, or new hardware.

3. Colorful Shutters

"Charm" is one of those key particulars that tenants are looking for in a home. But you don't have to have a turn-of-the-century house to offer charm. In fact you can easily add character with exterior shutters. Stores like Home Depot sell shutters at a reasonable price and they come in various colors and styles. Try raised panel, louver, or board and batten depending on the architecture of the house.

4. Mailbox Makeover

By simply adding some paint, the mailbox for your rental home can stand out. Being positioned right on the front curb or on the house itself can be an added benefit as it will most definitely be distinct and alluring. Almost every house has a "normal", standard, boring mailbox. But add a little pop of color and class, and yours will be sure to be noticed!

5. Blooms to Impress

Flowers or greenery are a great way to dress up any house. Homes without any flora can seem bare and cold. By adding some inexpensive and colorful potted plants near the front door, planting a bush by the walkway, or adhering a climbing plant on the side of the house, you can add character that no neighboring house has. Choose planter and flower colors that play off the color off the house and really make it stand out. For example, if you have a white exterior, add yellow daffodils in a blue resin pot.

6. Create a Sitting Area

Location sells homes, and location also plays a huge part in getting a house rented. Even if your rental is not in an "ideal" location, you can make it feel more ideal with simple fixes. Add a little sitting area to any available outdoor space: two bistro chairs and a table near the front door, an outdoor porch swing, or a stool and bar on the terrace. The possibilities are endless while the expense doesn't have to be. Shop thrift stores to find unique pieces that just need a little spray paint, and then you're ready to dress up your outdoor space, no matter how little it may be.

Curb appeal is an important factor to a prospective tenant. By adding some simple touches, you can make your rental truly feel like a home; and that's exactly what people are looking for. For more ideas and for all your rental property management needs, contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you!


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