Landlord Coronavius Guide: Tips to Help Your Renters Through the COVID-19 Outbreak

People worldwide are feeling the impacts of the Coronavirus. Whether you’re a homeowner, a landlord, or a renter, COVID-19 has made everyday life shift into uncertainty. If you’re a landlord looking for ways to provide your renters comfort, we’ve got some tips for you.

  • Saturday, March 21, 2020

  Ashley Orlowski

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People worldwide are feeling the impacts of the Coronavirus. Whether you’re a homeowner, a landlord, or a renter, COVID-19 has made everyday life shift into uncertainty. If you’re a homeowner you may be worried about income to pay for your mortgage. The same thought applies to landlords who also need to pay their monthly mortgage. As a landlord you may start to worry about the possibility of renters not being able to pay their monthly dues because businesses across the US are temporarily closing their doors to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.


As things get worse, local and national governments are stepping in to protect renters from being evicted and hopefully the same type of protection will be enacted to protect landlords from being foreclosed on by the banks.


From a renters perspective, not having to worry about rent during these tough economics times is the biggest blessing. If a renter can prove their struggling because of COVID-19, they are temporarily given the chance to have a roof over their head without employment.


If you’re a landlord looking for ways to provide your renters comfort, we’ve got some tips for you.

Check out these top tips to help your renters through the COVID-19 outbreak:


1. Make Sure Your Property Is Being Minimally Maintained


While typical property maintenance may have to be toned down during this time of social distancing, as a landlord you want to make sure that amenities your tenants need to utilize on property are working correctly. For example, if they need to use heat or air conditioning during this time, all units should be working so renters can be comfortable while being stuck in their units for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak.

If your property provides laundry facilities, make sure that all of the machines are in working order. With more tenants being forced to stay indoors, laundry room use will likely go up.



2. Keep Cleanliness a Priority


If you own a property with multiple units, keeping public areas as clean and safe as possible for tenants can go a long way to preventing the coronavirus from spreading. While it’s not physically possible to clean every public surface on your property all of the time, daily disinfecting would be ideal. It would also keep your renters happier knowing they’re living in a building where disinfecting is a priority.



3. Reach out to Your Tenants


As a landlord, giving comfort to your tenants will make them feel more secure in their safe space - the place they call home. Post a notice somewhere easily visible in the building that you’re handling daily sanitizing issues and keeping the property in the best possible order during this time where cleaning  is crucial.

A mass email to tenants is a great idea as well. Reinforce the fact that you’re taking care of everything you can as a landlord and will continue to keep tenants comfortable until life can get back to normal.



4. Come up With a Response Plan If a Tenant Tests Positive for the Coronavirus


In the unfortunate event that a tenant does test positive, it would be incredibly important for them to communicate this information to you. If there are other people in the building that don’t have a direct relationship with the infected tenant but do come in contact with public areas, communication is critical. Not only is it important for you to know that a renter has COVID-19 so that you make the situation known to other tenants (while keeping your infected renters identity confidential) but this way you can communicate a plan with your renter. As a landlord, trying to keep the virus from spreading is your goal.



What can we take away from this information?


The most important thing to remember about the COVID-19 outbreak is that if we all take this seriously and do our part to stay socially distant, there is an end to this. If we can all come mentally together, there is an end to the uncertainty. While normal property maintenance is not likely to happen, ensuring your tenants are taken care of will give them a huge sense of comfort. As always, communication is key. Communicate that you’re acknowledging the stress of this time and you are doing everything you can as a landlord.


Be sure to stay informed on the latest guidance from federal and state directly from the CDC website


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