Got Extra Land? Here Is What You Should Do.

So you have found yourself in the strange and wonderful predicament of having additional land available, what now? Or perhaps you have recently made a really great priced plot purchase, and now you want to do something with it. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can make the most of that land, pretty much regardless of the size too.

  • Wednesday, May 15, 2019

  Matt Angerer

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So you have found yourself in the strange and wonderful predicament of having additional land available, what now? Or perhaps you have recently made a really great priced plot purchase, and now you want to do something with it. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can make the most of that land, pretty much regardless of the size too.


Here are a few suggestions for you for that land.

Community Garden

If you are eco-minded, with a great deal of time and love for your community. Or perhaps you know of people who could really use it then think about using the space to cultivate a community garden. Most cities have to have they are funded by local government, or by the locals themselves. If you have the means to do so, a community garden will make a massive impact on the local area. You can have a range of days on your calendar for different demographics to attend. From kids to the elderly and everyone in between. Grow fresh veggies and fruit, think about a wild garden for bees and butterflies too.


Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Build A Home

If your land isn’t particularly close to where you live, then you might like to consider building your own house. You’ll need to make sure that you have all the appropriate permissions first, but after that, the housing world is your oyster. A Sherman metal pole barn house is a great option. Ideally, you might like to think about renting the home out when you aren’t there, and making sure that it is long-lasting and sturdy. Tiny houses are also big business, have a look at your plot in detail to see what the possibilities are.

Forest School

Outdoor spaces for kids in city schools are minimal. So providing a place they can learn and explore safely in is going to be amazing for them - and their families too. Vegetable gardens, wooden climbing frames - build your own wooden ‘teepee’, even learning how to start and put out fires are all brilliant experiences for children. You can reach out to local scouts, orienteering clubs, and schools to build a programme that works with the land and space you have available.

Host RVs

If you love the idea of explorers passing through then, you can host RV travellers. Many people are swapping the 9-5 for a few months (and more) of travelling in RVs and campervans. You can add yourself to a website like Harvest Hosts and see who comes through. You don’t have to offer them the ability to hook-up the RV, and you won’t be charging either but if you happen to create and make things they might make a purchase. Make sure that you have some clear rules about litter and exactly where they can park, and you will meet so many new people it will be fantastic for your social circles.

Outdoor Photography Studio

Obviously, outdoor photography gives stunning results, but sometimes photographers are hard pushed to find the best places to host their shoots. If you have a range of layouts like wildflowers, poppy fields and even grassy banks offer the space out for hire. It will need to be well maintained from rubbish, and people should be required to clean up after themselves. You could lease it long term to a single photographer or have an online booking system that many can use.


If you have the right soil and weather conditions, you could consider planting your own vineyard. There are plenty of states like California, that produce stunning wines and grapes. Smaller breweries and wineries are getting more popular, with people always on the lookout for the new and undiscovered. If you are producing grapes with a unique flavour and eventually master wine product, you can sell your small batch for a relatively good amount of cash. Of course, this type of winemaking is more of a hobby in the early days, so don’t expect to make too much back when you do this one.


If you are spiritually minded, and your land is pretty far away from main roads and other villages then you might like to consider a retreat of some type. Hiring it out to yogis, and meditation teachers, perhaps even nutritional trainers for a few weeks at a time can be very lucrative. Spiritual sanctuaries are getting increasingly popular, and it’s not always easy to find one that isn’t at least a plane and 24 hours away. If your space permits, think about lots of green space, a wooded area and a building where people can sleep. Alternatively, do something like Kolarbyn in Sweden - where it is wooden cabins and pretty much nothing much else.


Photo by Ákos Szabó from Pexels

Camping Area

There are many camping areas, sure, but there are even more campers every year too. If you like the idea of earning an income, but without the hassle of a hotel type deal then this might be perfect. You’ll have to look into things like electricity ports, or perhaps the options of some static caravans. It’s a more straightforward way to make people's dreams of travelling in their campervans and caravans come true while earning a regular income in peak seasons.

Festival Space

Large open spaces that are relatively flat are ideal for festival space. Burning man, Woodstock, Coachella, forest festivals and other gatherings are very popular. The land isn’t always left n the best state, so you should be aware of the risks involved before you decide this is for you. But in general, these festival weekends make an excellent income and are only once a year. Giving the land time to recover from the heavy footfall.


And other livestock. If you are a big horse fan, you can have wild ponies roaming the land or more of a ranch. Horse owners are always looking for well kept and safe spaces for their horses to live in out of racing or showing seasons. The owners will do the work when it comes to mucking out and taking care of the horses, but you will need to be on call for maintenance that falls to the feet of the landowners.


Excess land can be a very reasonable income, depending on what your passions are and what you think would work with the available space.


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