Gift Basket Ideas for Your Tenants

The holiday season is rapidly on its way and the spirit of gift-giving is in the air. For many people, it's fun to think of everyone you could possibly give a gift to brighten their season. For landlords, you may have one family or several families whose holidays could be brightened by a warm yet impersonal gift.

  • Thursday, December 12, 2019

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  Holiday Ideas   

The holiday season is rapidly on its way and the spirit of gift-giving is in the air. For many people, it's fun to think of everyone you could possibly give a gift to brighten their season. For landlords, you may have one family or several families whose holidays could be brightened by a warm yet impersonal gift. It's nice to reach out to your tenants and let them know that they're more than just a rent payment to you, and that you appreciate their positivity and loyalty as tenants in your rental homes.

But what is the right etiquette for gifting to your tenants? What gifts will be most welcome without seeming overly familiar? We're here to lay it all out with the 2019 guide to tenant gift baskets.

Giving Gifts to Your Tenants

Gifting to your tenants is an interesting situation. Potentially it could build a warmer relationship between you and those who rent from you, but it should also be done with care. Gifting to tenants is a lot like gifting from a boss to an employee. You want to maintain a certain degree of professionalism while also thanking them for your very real human connection. You also want to provide a gift that the entire household can enjoy.

For these reasons, it's important to think of a few neutral yet enjoyable ideas for tenant gifting. Handmade gifts might be too personal, or imply that tenants should gift you back in return.  But a premade gift basket is the perfect approach, especially when providing a little something for the whole family to enjoy.

Premade Gift Baskets for Tenant Families

  • Decorative Variety of Gifts
  • Neutral and Impersonal
  • Deliverable
  • Traditional

Premade gift baskets are packed and wrapped by a store or a brand that specializes in decorative gifts. They can also be delivered without you needing to hand-deliver the gift if you don't live close to some of your tenants and won't be swinging by over the holidays. Gift baskets tend to be made of items that keep well and don't need to be opened immediately in case tenants are away for the holidays when your gift arrives. 

A gift basket is also the traditional gift when you're not sure what the recipient will like best. Gift baskets are put together to include a little something for everyone so your tenants are sure to find something they like in the basket with careful selection of the brand and variety of your basket. 

Inclusive Gifting: What Not to Gift

First and most important tip: Make sure your gift is inclusive. Only gift baskets that could be enjoyed by 95% of the population. This can be done with a tactful and simple exclusion list of gift types.

Gift Basket Blacklist

  • Alcohol
    • There are many cultures, lifestyles, and relations that exclude alcohol from holiday celebrations. 
  • Meats and Cheeses
    • There are also a variety of cultures and medical conditions that sometimes make meat and dairy baskets an unfortunate choice.
  • Nothing but Nuts
    • A chocolate or muffin basket with a few labeled nut-items is great. But an all-nuts or other known-allergy-triggers can be avoided with some forethought.
  • Your Favorite Things
    • Avoid the most common mistake: Sending your favorite things without a full assessment. Choose tactfully with a neutral approach, just in case.

Tactful Tenant Gifting

Choosing the right gift basket is easy once you cut out the off-list items. Look for warm and enjoyable collections that a diverse family can enjoy. Interestingly, this could be edibles, toys, home items, 

Best Gift Basket Themes for Tenants

When it comes to:

  • Gift Card Bouquet
  • Fresh Fruit and Treats
  • Baked Treats
  • Holiday Mugs and Drink Mix Set
  • Cards, Board Games, and Toys
  • Home Items

Everyone Loves a Gift Card Bouquet

Gift cards are like the universal language of gifting. Load up on cards from various popular and locally available vendors. Amazon gift cards and cards for other brands that offer online ordering are ideal because they are very easy to use. Cards for local attractions, restaurants, or visa-type loaded gift cards that work most places are also great additions to a gift card bouquet. This way, your tenants can enjoy your gift in whatever ways most brighten their holidays.

Fresh Fruit and Treats

If you want to send edibles, Holiday fresh fruit baskets with a few sugar treats or kitchen gadgets is a safe way to go. Oranges, apples, melons, and berries are all a welcome addition to most festive holiday dining. Fresh fruit is also included in almost all cultures, lifestyles, and special diets. A basket of fruit can be beautiful but does need to be delivered directly to be fresh upon unwrapping.

Basket of Baked Holiday Treats

Holiday breads are another mostly-safe bet. Muffins, swirl loafs, small cakes or pies, and an array of chocolate candies are often received with joy. Everyone can find something they like in a cookie basket or assorted holiday baked goods. Especially of you choose a basket with one or two gluten-free and nut-free options.

Festive Holiday Mugs and Variety Hot Drink Mix

Festive mugs have become a part of most holiday traditions as family members come together for various morning brews. Hot drinks are essential to enjoying cold weather and not everyone drinks the same thing. A gift basket of mugs and drink mixes is best when it includes a variety. Coffee beans, hot cocoa mix, cider mix, and holiday teas are a wonderful gift for tenants.

Family Fun with Cards, Games, and Toys

For landlords looking for a creative and perfect gift, a basket of card games and brain-teaser toys can be fun for the whole family. Consider clever card games that spark around-the-table conversations and elegant wooden puzzle toys that both adults and children can enjoy solving. This kind of basket is intriguing and can enrich a holiday with conversation and shared puzzles.

Useful and Decorative Home Items

As a landlord, one lovely type of gift basket might include small home items. These are items that are useful in any home. Things like picture frames, space heaters, or bed linens can be enjoyed by everyone. Consider what every home needs a little more of or handy devices that might benefit the home. Especially while visiting family or hosting during the holiday season. Clever travel gear like inflatable neck pillows, travel mugs, and compass multi-tools can also add to holiday fun.

  • Picture Frame
  • Fan or Space Heater
  • Air Purifier
  • Picture Frames
  • Linens - Sheets and Towels
  • Multi-Tools
  • Travel Gear

Decoration Themes for Your Tenant Gift Baskets

The final question is how to decorate your gift-basket. Often, the biggest impact of a gift basket is how fabulous it looks when freshly unwrapped. The colors in the tissue paper and style of basket can matter. We highly encourage you to pick winter themes and festive colors. Red and green are expected, but gold, white, and silver are also colors of the holiday season. In combinations like red and silver or gold and white, you can make stunning gift baskets that are both beautiful and culturally neutral.

Gift Basket Themes

If you want a fun theme for your gift basket (that isn't the basket brand logo), consider one of the following and other neutral festive themes. Gift basket decor is easy when you have a strong theme to create your image.

  • Snowflakes
  • Bells
  • Red and Green
  • Lace
  • Houses
  • Winter Floral
  • Gingerbread
  • Kitchen Items

Gift Basket Color Combinations

These color combinations are beautiful and distinct for the holiday season while also being neutral in culture and meaning. You can make a beautiful gift basket from tissue paper and ribbons using these color combinations for any family of tenants.

  • Silver and White
  • Red and Green
  • Silver and Blue
  • Gold and Green
  • Gold and White
  • Silver and Green

'Tis the Season

Sending a gift basket to your tenants is a wonderful way to wish them a happy holiday and increase their happiness with treats and toys. There are many gift basket ideas to choose from that your tenants might love. From a decorative spray of gift-card to baskets overflowing with holiday breads, your tenants are sure to enjoy your thoughtful gift. Gifting from landlords to their tenants is an incredible surprise for most renting families and it really shows that you care about your tenants as more than just a business agreement.

The holidays are a time when everyone feels that incredible seasonal cheer. If you feel inspired to send a gift basket to each of your tenant families, then do. It's wonderful to know that you are making each family's holiday more enjoyable by having treats, toys, and your warm sentiments. The key is to choose the right gift basket configuration so any family no matter their traditions or medical conditions can enjoy it together.

From traditional holiday sweets to handy home-themed gifts, landlords can truly build a relationship with tenants by sending a gift around the holidays. The VerticalRent team is ready to help you have a perfect holiday season, taking care of your tenants and sharing the holiday cheer. 

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