7 Small Apartment Hacks to Make Your Living Space Efficient

Whether you’ve just moved into a smaller rental unit or suddenly have the urge to make your small apartment a bit more efficient, we’ve got a few great apartment hacks to help you better utilize your space.

  • Monday, March 23, 2020

  Ashley Orlowski

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Whether you’ve just moved into a smaller rental unit or suddenly have the urge to make your small apartment a bit more efficient, we’ve got a few great apartment hacks to help you better utilize your space. These small space hacks can benefit everyone from a single college student seeking better organization to a small family looking to find better organization and flow.


Take a look at these 7 helpful tips for maximizing your small living space:


1. Utilize Space From Floor to Ceiling


While the square footage of your apartment may be small, utilizing every possible space from the floor to the ceiling will give you the most opportunity for an organized space. For example, think of a room shared by two children. Two twin beds would take up twice as much floor space compared to a twin bunk bed. Getting that one extra piece of large furniture off of the floor will make a huge difference in terms of space in the room.

The idea of using space from the floor to the ceiling also applies to storage. If possible, use bookcases and shelves that can fill up the entire wall. One large shelving unit can fit just as much storage as two smaller shelves that would take up double the floor space.



2. Use Closet Organizers


Long gone are the days where we could easily fit our entire wardrobe easily in a small closet space. If you’re sharing a closet with a roommate or significant other, it’s even more difficult to keep everything organized. With the massive amount of closet organizers available, there are endless options for making the most of your closet space.


For example, in your bedroom closet, invest in an organizer that is most beneficial for your particular space. If you have a shelf above your closet hanging bar, make the most of that empty space with organized plastic containers. In a hallway closet where you have to shove all of the random stuff in your apartment, find a way where things can appear organized and easy to grab if needed. 



3. Make Visually Appealing Storage Part of Decor


When decorating your small living space, keep in mind that you can discreetly store visually appealing things within something that looks nice and doubles as room decor. For example, a  bench near your door serves a purpose to sit on but can also look better and make good use of space by adding storage baskets underneath. This is an easy way to keep dirty shoes, pet toys, or anything else just lying around tucked away while keeping the space clutter free.



4. Buy Minimalist Furniture Pieces


As much as anyone would love to have the biggest sectional sofa to lounge on, having large furniture in a small living space simply is not ideal. Try to keep couches and tables small in living space and find beds for the bedrooms that won’t take up the majority of the floor space. Keeping larger and more prominent furniture pieces on the small side will make rooms feel larger and leave more space for other small furniture and storage items. 



5. Invest in Furniture With Hidden Storage


While searching for that perfect (smaller) size furniture for your small living space, keep an eye out for furniture that offers hidden storage space. For example, a bed with storage underneath is a fantastic way to ditch the extra dresser or wardrobe in your bedroom. In the living room, opt for a couch, table, or ottoman that offers space to store blankets, toys, games, or anything else taking up space.



6. In With the New, Donate the Old


As new living space styles emerge, the temptation to not buy new furniture or decor can be difficult. If you can resist the urge to purchase the newest piece of furniture from IKEA or Target, be sure to ditch the old pieces. While it can be difficult to let go of furniture that offers some sentimental value, think of the big picture. New furniture pieces can bring joy to your old living space which means old pieces can bring joy to someone else. Donating old items can bring more space to your small living situation while providing a family in need with new (to them) pieces.


Speaking of donating items, go through your closet as each season passes. If you have clothes or shoes you haven’t worn in 6+ months, it may be time to donate. Less “stuff” means more space for you.



7. Ask Your Landlord for Storage Space


If you’ve checked off the previous tips listed, check with your landlord to see if he or she has unused storage space on property. If you reside in an area where attics or basements are common, your landlord may have unused storage space you could use to put seasonal or rarely used items.



Let’s take a look at the overall picture of these hacks. Getting the most of your small living involves 3 major components broken down into 7 detailed tips. Donate the old, make most use of the new, and efficiently use every storage space throughout your entire apartment.

Implementing these seven simple small apartment hacks will have you enjoying your cozy and efficient living space in no time. 


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