5 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal on Your Rental Property

When you want to attract great tenants, you've got to show that you have a property worth renting. Follow these simple guidelines to giving your rental property the curb appeal needed to bring in the renters you want.

  • Friday, October 7, 2016

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When you want to attract great tenants, you've got to show that you have a property worth renting. Follow these simple guidelines to giving your rental property the curb appeal needed to bring in the renters you want.

Keep it Clean

A dirty, badly kept up property will turn potential tenants away even before they talk to you. Make sure the front of your property is kept neat and clean, even when no one is living there.

  • Keep lawns trimmed, snow shoveled and landscaping neat.
  • Monitor the property for litter.
  • Keep the porch, front door and house trim painted and clean.
  • Use a power washer to clean the outside of the property.
  • Don't store old appliances or other items on the porch or in the yard.

Plant Something

Simple landscaping is easy, relatively inexpensive and can make a property look amazing.

Use rocks or concrete blocks to create a small flower garden near the front porch, or plant flowers around the mailbox. Plant a row of hedges to separate your property from the neighbors' or add a pretty decorative tree to the front yard.

Be sure to keep up with any gardening or landscaping you add to the property. If you don't think you have time to maintain a flower garden, use potted plants instead.

Update the Small Stuff

You may not have the time or money to update the entire space, but you can instantly increase your curb appeal with shiny new details.

Update door hardware, and maybe even put in a new screen door. Install a new mailbox, and put up new house numbers. These small changes can really make a property shine.

If you can, add a beautiful new front door in a cheery color.

Paint the Exterior

If you want your property to look its best, have the entire exterior repainted. Choose a modern color if the old one is outdated. Replace old shutters or add new ones for a great new look.

Find a Focus

Draw people in by highlighting one fabulous feature of the property. For example, draw attention to the charm of a wraparound porch by adding a porch swing with brightly colored pillows, or build a frame around great play equipment by adding railroad ties and wood chips.

If there's nothing exceptional about your property, create something.

  • Add a water feature like a fountain or a small pond.
  • Make an outdoor seating area with a fire pit.
  • Put out colorful planters or artwork.
  • Install beautiful solar lighting up walkways and around the front porch.

You can make potential renters fall in love with your property at first sight. All it takes is a commitment to upkeep and a little bit of imagination.


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