25 Blog Article Topics for Leasing and Real Estate Agents

As a leasing agent or real estate agent, you may be eager to grow your website and your reach. Posting blogs is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field--not to mention helping generate more traffic to your website. Try these great ideas for expanding your blog and offering genuine value to your customers.

  • Sunday, March 8, 2020

  Matt Angerer

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As a leasing agent or real estate agent, you may be eager to grow your website and your reach. Posting blogs is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field--not to mention helping generate more traffic to your website. Try these great ideas for expanding your blog and offering genuine value to your customers. 

Tenant-Specific Posts for Renters in General

As a real estate agent or leasing agent, you will deal with tenants on a regular basis--and, in the process, you'll probably get a good idea of their most frequently asked questions and what they most need to know. Many real estate agents get started in the field by focusing on helping renters find a place. It's not as lucrative as finding a home buyer or seller, but its typically a much faster process to pre-qualify a renter, walk them through an apartment, and make half the first month rent in commission. In fact, VerticalRent provides leasing and real estate agents with access to pre-qualified renter leads in their geogarphic area. If you are just breaking into real estate and want to start wtih renters as your focus, VerticalRent could be your secret weapon. 

As you start working with renters and tenants, you'll want to create a way to continually attract them to your website. Our suggestion is to create a blog and write a few articles! Here are some blog article ideas that you can use as your own to educate renters/tenants in your area. If they like what they are reading, chances are they'll pick up the phone and call you to help them find their next rental.

1. The Top X Features Tenants Should Be Looking For in Their Rentals

2. How To Find the Perfect Rental Property in [Your Location]

3. The X Most Affordable Properties in [Your Area]

4. The X Best Apartment Complexes in [Your Area]

5. How to Handle a Problem with Your Rental Unit: What to report to the landlord, when to report it, and how to get in touch with the landlord or property manager that covers a specific property. This is particularly important for young or first-time renters, who may have little idea what to do when something breaks. 

6. Answers to the X Most Commonly Asked Questions from Local Renters (Or, write a post that answers the questions asked most commonly by tenants in specific complexes. For example, you might cover how to use the fitness machines in a particular complex, or where the washers and dryers are located and how to use them. Consider the questions that tenants in your properties are asking the most frequently, then take steps to provide them with that knowledge. 

7. X Best Apartment Decorating Ideas

8. X Strategies to Make Living with Roommates Easier for Everyone--a particularly important post for college students or young people who might live with roommates as a way to save money.

Local Area Posts

9. The X Best Restaurants in [Your City] (Feel free to break these down by specific types of restaurants, based on your usual client base: for example, you might put together a post about family-friendly restaurants, or you might focus on adventurous restaurants for people who want to try something new for their next meal.)

10. Community event posts. Highlight upcoming community events, especially those that your target audience are likely to attend. Pay particular attention to events within specific apartment communities or neighborhoods, which could provide incentive for renters who are considering moving into those areas. 

11. Recaps of existing events, including clear photos. You can use these posts to help drum up interest and engagement for next year!

12. How to Save Money on Groceries in [Your Location]--or, write a post exploring all the different ways renters can help save on their overall expenses, from the money they spend on utilities to public transportation and more. 

13. X Questions New Residents of [Your Location] Desperately Want Answered. Listen to your potential tenants and consider the questions they ask on a regular basis--then answer them! You can also print off this particular blog post to provide information to new tenants in your area. 

14. The X Top Benefits to Living in [Your Location]

15. An Overview of Local Transportation Systems: What Renters Need to Know

Posts Geared Toward Your Target Renters

As a real estate agent or leasing agent, you may work with a specific target audience--or audiences. You may, for example, have a specific type of renter who is most likely to choose to stay in a specific apartment complex or area. Some areas are great for young families, while others have more appeal to seniors. Create posts geared specifically toward your target audience. For example:

16. The X Best Parks in [Your City]. 

17. X Modifications for Senior Apartment Dwellers. Look for safety features that will allow seniors more independence and comfort in their apartments, but that won't cause the need for expensive repairs when they move out. Cover all the important details, from how to add grab bars in the bathroom without putting irreparable holes in the wall to how to make sure floors are safe to navigate in a variety of circumstances. 

18. X Ways to Make Apartment Living Easier with Kids (And Keep Your Neighbors Happy, Too)

19.  X Tips to Make Move-In Day Easier with Kids

20. X Safety Tips Senior Apartment Dwellers Should Keep in Mind

Posts for Property Owners

In addition to dealing with a wide range of renters within a specific geographic area, you, as a leasing agent, also deal with property owners on a regular basis. Over time, you'll notice the trends to their questions. These blog post ideas, however, can give you a great foundation that will help you get your blog started. 

21. How to Find Your Ideal Investment Property in [Your Location]

22. X Properties That Would Make Excellent Investment Opportunities. This is a great way to spread the word about properties that you have available, especially those that are just waiting for the perfect landlord to take them over and make them new again. 

23. How to Sell Your Rental Property

24. X Landlord Responsibilities You Must Follow When You Purchase a New Rental Property

25. X Challenges Faced by Landlords in [Your Location] and How to Solve Them

Building your blog is a great way to add value to your clients--both those that are already using you to find the perfect rental property or tenant and those who are considering moving to the area. By building your blog, you establish yourself as a helpful real estate expert who is eager to assist your clients--and you add substantial value to your clients. Are you looking for more ways to add value to your business? Contact us today to learn more about our tenant management software solutions. 

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Matt Angerer is the Founder and President of VerticalRent. He enjoys writing on a variety of topics that help Landlords, Property Managers, and Renters across America. He is particularly interested in helping renters understand their local marketplace, pick the best places to live, and find an awesome roommate. Since 2011, VerticalRent has grown to service over 100,000 landlords and renters across America. 

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