21 Reasons to Rent an Apartment on Miami Beach in 2020

The city of Miami has so much to offer that it's a little challenging to make a list of the particular characteristics of this beautiful, active, fun fest of a city. But that's what we are doing to help you can get a feel for the city's neighborhoods, nightlife, and much more. The water is sparkling, the weather is excellent, and there's pretty much something for everyone in gorgeous, sun-drenched southern Florida.

  • Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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The city of Miami has so much to offer that it's a little challenging to make a list of the particular characteristics of this beautiful, active, fun fest of a city. But that's what we are doing to help you can get a feel for the city's neighborhoods, nightlife, and much more. The water is sparkling, the weather is excellent, and there's pretty much something for everyone in gorgeous, sun-drenched southern Florida.

The Best of the Best

1. South Beach

If you like to be in the know about what's going on, South Beach is the place for you. The rent is going to average somewhere around $2,800 a month for an apartment with two bedrooms. But you will be in the midst of the nightlife scene, the extraordinary beaches, and incredible restaurants.

2. Art Deco Architecture

South Beach is host to some of the most exquisite examples of historic Art Deco architecture in the US. Miami is much like its sister beach towns in and around Los Angeles. Many choose Miami over Venice Beach or Malibu, however, because of the difference in summer temperatures. Miami has summer temps that average approximately 10-15 degrees cooler than L.A.

3. Fishing and Swimming, and Tennis, Oh, My!

Miami Beach is both quirky and trendy. You will see roller skaters all along the waterfront, as well as celebrities, the rich, and the famous. All outdoor activities go on almost every day of the year. For example, in November, the average temperatures in Miami are 80 degrees to 58 degrees. If it gets a little chilly, be patient. Warm weather is not far behind.

4. Downtown Miami

The average rent in the city is around $2,900 a month for a two-bedroom apartment. The downtown areas include Midtown and Wynwood, where you will find trendy, hipster bars and restaurants. Discovering a lively place to party is a no-brainer. Music wafts from the bars and nightclubs into the streets most of the night.

5. The Food

Latin American cuisine is everywhere, and it is magnificent. You will choose among Cuban dishes, Caribbean dishes, and Latin American fare. The coffee, the food, and the cocktails often have a Latin twist and are delectable. Most residents and visitors dress in an upscale fashion when enjoying a night on the town.

6. The Brickell Neighborhood

Just south of Miami's downtown neighborhood is Brickell, which is another up-and-coming hotspot in the area. Two-bedroom apartments have an average rental cost of around $2,900, with a vast majority of apartments located in high-rise condo buildings. Many are calling this area the fastest-growing destination in the country. According to the ISG World Miami Report for 2019, more than 900 people a day are moving to Florida. Brickell almost tripled its population between 2000 and 2016.

7. Brickell's Popularity

The reason individuals are flocking to Brickell include:

  • Hot new hotels like Miami, EAST, W Miami, and more
  • New condominiums
  • Trendy bars and restaurants
  • Business opportunities
  • mixed project including a hotel (EAST) office buildings, two condo towers and 500,000 square feet of shopping
  • The two condo towers with seven penthouses costing between $4-6 million apiece that are remarkable
  • An international influx of residents and businesses

8. Additional Fantastic Condos in Brickell

9. Miami's Metromover

This top-of-the-line metropolitan service comes free and operates seven days a week in the Brickell and downtown area. The Metromover's major stops are:

  • Miami-Dade County School Board
  • American Airlines Arena
  • Miami-Dade College
  • Bayside Marketplace

10. Additional Downtown Surprises

Downtown hosts more than just shopping. Museum Park is home to music festivals, the Perez Art Museum Miami and The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. There is a fabulous array of every type of cuisine imaginable and plenty of spas. And if you need to have catering on your yacht while docked, several local restaurants can do just that with 72 hours advance notice and a $5,000 minimum.

11.  Coconut Grove

With apartments with two-bedrooms going for $3,500 a month, on average, this is one of the gorgeous vintage areas of the metropolitan area. The neighborhood overflows with sidewalk cafés, live music, and art galleries. 

The Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Miami

12. North Beach

This Miami neighborhood is near the waterfront, but the apartment rental prices are a bit more affordable than the South Beach area. A two-bedroom apartment in North Beach averages about $2,100 a month. There's plenty of fun to be had here, such as bike trails, the beach, and fun-filled nightlife. This beach is a bit quieter, more relaxing, and beautiful. 

13. The North Beach Oceanside Park and the North Beach Bandshell

The historic open-air amphitheater, built in1961, has an architectural-style that is Miami Modern. This music venue has regular concerts with musicians from around the world. Here is where newcomers will feel the spirit of community and culture that takes place when people of different ethnicities come together to enjoy themselves and the entertainment they at hand.

14. A Welcoming Neighborhood

Walkways, spreading trees, picnic tables, grills, and playgrounds filled with families and individuals who are biking or running - that's North Beach. North Beach is an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of some of the other Miami Beach communities. Like that family-friendly vibe? North Beach is for you.

15. Little Haiti

North of Wynnwood and west of the Upper East Side, sits Little Haiti, a convenient place to live and an affordable place to rent. Two-bedroom apartments are going for about $2,100 per month. The Haiti diaspora resulted in Little Haiti back in the 80s. The community offers Haitian food, music, and the celebration of everything to do with the Caribbean. The area is bursting with bookstores, galleries, family-owned eateries, and museums. Little Haiti is one of Miami's most lively arts scenes.

16. Miami Shores

North of Little Haiti on Biscayne Bay is a community called Miami Shores. Miami Shores has a suburban feel and offers an excellent golf course with majestic oak trees and rolling terrain. The city was developed in the 1920s and includes plenty of art deco architecture. Miami Shores has small-town charm, with spacious, tree-lined streets, where bikers are present at almost every turn. Apartments can be rented here and range in cost from expensive to affordable.

17. Little Havana

This neighborhood is a bit inland from the beaches but is well-known as a festive and favorite cultural hub. Miami's best coffee, colorful bungalows, and the most exceptional Cuban food are available here. Rents are approximately $2,100 a month for two-bedroom apartments.

18. A Vibrant Cuban Neighborhood

The cafes, markets, and authentic Cuban dishes make this part of Miami a bustling and happy venue. Every last Friday of the month, Little Havana's Cultural Fridays occur. Ethnic arts, tastes, and music offer multicultural delights to those who attend. Cigars, anyone?

19. Miami's Cost of Living

Determining how much money you need to live in Miami depends on several factors, such as:

  • The part of town in which you would like to live.
  • How many individuals will be living in the apartment
  • Your current status (student, employed, unemployed, etc.)
  • The lifestyle you want to maintain
  • Miami's average cost of utilities
  • The city's average cost of food
  • Transportation costs
  • Insurance costs

20. Some Facts You Need to Know

Miami's traffic is legendary. If you rent an apartment that is not close to where you plan to work, you may find the traffic wearing.

Miami's cost of living is 14 percent higher than the national average.

As of November 7, 2019, these prices exist:

  • Lunch in the business district of Miami costs an average of $17.
  • A basic dinner for two at a neighborhood pub would be approximately $55.
  • One-month of gym membership in the business district averages $54 per month.

21. These Landlord/Tenant rules are good to know:

  • Florida tenants are protected by the Fair Housing Act of 1968, as they are in every other state.
  • Landlords typically require one or two months' rent as a security deposit.
  • The deposit may rest in a non-interest-bearing account, an interest-bearing account, or a surety bond in the amount of the deposit. Any interest that ensues must be returned to the tenant if the lease completes successfully.
  • Florida tenants have the right to be notified (within 30 days of receiving the deposit) once the landlord gets their security deposit.
  • A tenant's security deposits to be returned within 30 days of move-out if a deduction is being taken out. Landlords in Florida must return a security deposit within 15 days if no deductions are forthwith.
  • A landlord, in most situations, must give notice to the tenant before he or she enters the apartment. If repairs are necessary, the landlord must provide at least 12 hours' notice.
  • Additional Florida statutes regarding tenants and landlords are here.


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