10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Tenant Background Check Done

A tenant background check is the perfect way to ensure that you get the best possible tenants for your property. It is hard to do proper character judging in a world filled with scammers and uncaring people.

  • Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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A tenant background check is the perfect way to ensure that you get the best possible tenants for your property. It is hard to do proper character judging in a world filled with scammers and uncaring people. Finding the perfect tenants for your rental property is tough, even if you are terrific at reading body language and analyzing characters. But finding the right type of people for rental property and especially for long term rental agreements is essential if you don’t want to end up with a lot of damage to your property or if you don’t want to struggle with a tenant that won’t comply with your rules or cannot make payments. A tenant background check is important for the following reasons.

Confirm their identity

Identity theft is a serious problem that can have serious results for your business if your tenants are not who you think they are. When you do tenant background check with VerticalRent you are assured that your tenant is who he or she says she is and you know exactly where they are from, what their exact details are and you are sure that your contract details will be completely correct.

Know to ask the right questions during screening

It can be tough to ask the right questions when you know nothing about a person. A tenant background check will give you some solid leads on the right questions to ask when you are screening tenants such as why the person left a previous job, why he or she moved and why he or she is in need of a new apartment or rental property. By asking the right questions you can easily weed out a lot of problem tenants.

Confirm your tenant’s rental history

Your tenant’s rental history can tell you a lot about your tenant. The tenant background check will give you information on how the tenant handled the rental property, whether they stuck to the payment and contract agreements, whether they are good tenants or loud tenants and more.

Check your tenant’s work history

A tenant who goes without a job for long periods of time or who is constantly shifting from one company to another can be bad for your business because they could lack the ability to pay rent when they are between jobs or they could end up wasting your time when they move out before the agreed time which could leave you without tenants for a while.

Find out if they have a criminal record

During a tenant background check, your prospective tenants are screened for a criminal history, misconduct or for any other information that may lead you to believe that the tenant is not trustworthy.

Protect your other tenants

By screening your tenants properly you will be sure that you only invest in safe and secure individuals that won’t harm your other tenants or steal from other tenants which greatly secures your income and gives you a good reputation as a trustworthy landlord.

Find out if they take good care of the rental property

Doing a tenant screening with VerticalRent is the best way to ensure that the tenant you sign a contract with will take good care of your property.

Find out if they stick to rental payments with a credit check

The tenant background check will give you good insight on the financial history and the financial security of your tenant because a credit check is also done to ensure that they are trustworthy when it comes to rental payments.

Make sure that they will comply with your rules

The last thing you need is a tenant who is going to disturb your other good tenants with loud music or a tenant who is going to be harboring other individuals for free. Your tenant needs to be trustworthy and willing to comply by your rules when it comes to pets, noises, music, illegal sustenance’s, visitors and more.

Choose the best tenants from your pool

A lot of landlords have to screen through a lot of possible tenants. This can be tough since you never know who the best and most trustworthy tenants are. By doing a tenant background check on all of the possible tenants you can easily weed out all of those who seem risky and thus give the trustworthy and respective tenants a try which could end up saving you a lot of effort, time and money.

A good and trustworthy screening company like VerticalRent can make a world of difference to your rental company because you eliminate a lot of the risks involved in renting property so you can prosper and grow much more securely.


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